Channel Ads

Website Channel Ad Guidelines

The MCC website channel ads are billboard-style notifications on the homepage that highlight a particular program, event or activity. Like the website itself, the primary audience for the channel ads is prospective and currents students, although other internal and external audiences, such as faulty and staff, the community-at-large, alumni and donors, are served as well. There are five ads, which cycle through consecutively at about five seconds each, and then repeat.

The five homepage channel ads are assigned and administered as follows:

  1. News: Charlene Tappan
  2. Events: Charlene Tappan
  3. Academic Programs: Academic Associates
  4. Student Affairs: Julie Greene
  5. Continuing Ed: CE Department Members


  • Each channel requires a predetermined schedule for the semester or academic year; this schedule will be arranged by the administrator of each respective channel. For the News and Events channel ads, content may be submitted up to three days before the channel ad is posted.
  • Ads are usually updated on Mondays.

Run Time

  • 1 week minimum
  • 3 weeks maximum

Content and Design

Administrators are responsible for their content, and the Marketing department is responsible for the design. Channel ads promote programs, events and activities already on the website, so a clicked ad must go to an existing page on the website. Please note that all links must be within the MCC website, i.e., ads may not link to a non-MCC webpage.

Content Requirements and Limitations (Think “less is more”)

  • Title : 60 characters maximum
  • Summary (optional) : 25 word maximum
  • Graphic : Provided by web team; client requests may be considered when requested.
  • Link : When the channel ad is clicked, it must take the visitor to the ad’s respective webpage.



  • Title : Health Programs
  • Summary : Join Our Award-Winning Health Programs; Training for high-demand careers.
  • Graphic : (none provided; designed by web team)
  • Link : /offices/academic-affairs/divisions/mathematics-science-and-health-careers/health-careers/ (Brings user to Health Careers webpage)

Discouraged Content

  • Lists
  • Schedules
  • Verbose explanations
  • Disclaimers

Other Information

  • The exact wording of submitted content is subject to reasonable wordsmithing to maintain a consistent voice that aligns with the brand of the college.
  • The design of each ad conforms to a standard within the entirety of the channel ad feature and the college’s website; review and approval (proofing) is done within the Marketing Department.
  • Channel ads will not include animation.
  • Corporate logos may not be included in channel ads (unless contractually required by a sponsor). Event logos may be considered.