MCC Foundation Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships and awards are available from the MCC Foundation, as well as from outside sources. Students are encouraged to apply for both MCC and outside scholarships. MCC scholarships are awarded in the Spring and Fall based on submitting a completed MCC Foundation scholarship application. Criteria and eligibility for outside scholarships may vary.

General scholarships, scholarships with specific eligibility criteria and student awards are listed below. Please note these scholarships and awards are subject to change.

General Scholarships

  • An Evening of Fine Wines Scholars Award
  • Jack Batura Memorial Scholarship
  • Alden Buker Scholarship
  • Betty Fry Memorial Scholarship
  • Greater Hartford Quilt Guild Scholarship
  • Shirley Gustafson Memorial Scholarship
  • Hartford Foundation for Public Giving Scholarship
  • Carol Ann Jodaitis Memorial Scholarship
  • Frederick W. Lowe, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Nancy Lowe Memorial Scholarship
  • MCC Alumni Association Scholarship
  • MCC Foundation Scholarship
  • William J. McGurk – Rockville Bank Scholarship
  • NewAlliance Bank Scholarship
  • MCC Older Adults Association
  • Andrew and Anna Pac Memorial Garden Scholarship
  • Rockville Bank Foundation
  • SBM Charitable Foundation, Inc.
  • Ignace and Anna Songailo Scholarship
  • Stop and Shop Scholarship

Scholarships with Specific Eligibility Criteria

  • Mickey Albrizio Music and Fine Arts Scholarship
  • Altrusa International, Inc. of Northeastern Connecticut
    Student with community service
  • Anderson Scholarship
    Student in business or technology program
  • Russell Bagshaw Memorial Scholarship
    Student in criminal justice program
  • Gerry and Saul Berkman Culinary Arts Scholarship
  • Carl and Margaret Chadburn Scholarship
    Student in education program
  • Eleanor and Ed Coltman Scholarship
    Student who comes from a working class family/has volunteer experience
  • Kristen DeBonee Memorial Scholarship
    Student with a mental or physical disability
  • Thomas Godar Respiratory Scholarship
    Student in respiratory therapy program
  • Arthur Guinness Scholarship
    Student in business or marketing program
  • John and Anastasia Hunchar First Generation Scholarship
    Student who is first generation to attend college
  • Manchester Family Dental Scholarship
    Student in health or science program
  • JC Penney “Golden Rule” Scholarship
    Student with volunteer experience
  • Frances Segal Book Fund
    Student who is female, single head of household with financial need
  • Sports and Exercise Scholarship
    Student active in sports
  • Marvin Strickland Scholarship
    Student who is a Manchester resident and active in athletics
  • Coreen E. Sumple Scholarship
    Student in business or liberal arts program
  • Linda and John Sutherland Scholarship
    Funded by Cheney Family Fund, Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
    Student in liberal arts program
  • John Tirinzone Scholarship
    Student who has excelled in business, economics or political science.
    Student must be graduating and transferring to a baccalaureate institution.
  • Thelma Edith Goldsmith-Valentine Scholarship
    Student in business or criminal justice program
  • Richard Vizard Memorial Scholarship
    Student in business program
  • Student Awards
  • Several departments and divisions within the college present awards for outstanding achievement.
  • Adults in Transition Program
  • Kathy and David Bavelas Math Award
  • Katherine Bourn Award-Foreign Language
  • Troy Clark Criminal Justice Award
  • Dr. George Ducharme Disability Specialist Award
  • Mario Fiondella Math Award
  • John Gustavson Writing Award
  • Zora Neale Hurston Anthropology Award
  • MCC Foundation Purchase Awards-Fine Arts
  • Hans Weiss Fine Art Award
  • Eleanor Weseloh Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Award
  • David Zimmerman–Celebrate Life Award