Manchester Community College is a college of opportunity. With its policy of open admission, all students - of any age - who possess the desire to pursue a higher education are welcome.

For many students, however, the desire to learn is not enough. Assistance in the form of scholarships makes a critical difference for hundreds of students each year by helping them meet their financial obligations. 

What is a Scholarship?

Scholarships are “gift” money that is given to students to supplement the cost of their education. This money does not have to be paid back. Some scholarships are need-based (student must show some financial need), some are merit-based (based on a student’s academic performance or special characteristic/skill), and some are a mix of the two. Most scholarships require an application to be submitted. Additional materials may be required.

Available Scholarships

MCC Foundation Scholarships

The MCC Foundation Scholarship program awards scholarships based on academic achievement, financial need, service to the college and community, or a combination of these factors. Awards range from $50 to more than $1,000 and are available for fall, spring, and summer. New and returning students who attend on a full-time or part-time basis are eligible to apply for scholarships, and both degree and certificate-track students will be considered.

For Current MCC Students

MCC students who attend on a full-time or part-time basis and are matriculated in a degree or certificate program at MCC are eligible to apply for scholarships. While a GPA of 2.5 or better is preferred, progress in academics is considered. MCC must be the student’s home school for the applicant to be eligible to receive a scholarship. Financial need, first year and academic scholarships are available.  Returning students may apply each semester. 

McDermott Scholarship – Applications due June 15, 2018
Students who recently graduated and are going on to a four-year school can apply. Up to four students are selected each year to receive an award of $2,500.00.
How to apply: Pick-up a paper application in L231 or download the form here


High School Graduate Scholarships – Applications due June 15, 2018
Students who recently graduated from high school and are enrolled at MCC for fall 2018 are encouraged to apply for a scholarship. MCC must be the student’s home school for the applicant to be eligible to receive a scholarship.
How to apply: Pick-up a paper application in L231 or download the form here.


Fall 2018 Scholarships – Applications due September 19, 2018
A second opportunity to apply for fall 2018 Scholarships is now available. 
How to apply: Applications must be completed online. Click here to apply.


Need Help Applying?

Questions on the Application:

Email or call Nancy DiGiacomo at 860-512-2905.

Help with Writing the Essay:

Staff at the walk-in Writing Center within the Academic Support Center are available to assist students with completing their essay. There is no cost for assistance. Visit the Writing Center in SSC L282 or call 860-512-2610 for hours and to learn more.

Help with Getting Your Financial Aid Documents:

The Financial Aid Office can assist students with applying for financial aid and retrieving financial aid documents needed to apply for scholarships. Visit the office in L177, email or call 860-512-3380 to learn more.

SBM Charitable Foundation Scholarship

While this is not an MCC specific scholarship, the SBM Charitable Foundation, Inc. (“SBMCF”) has supported MCC students with their scholarship. The SBMCF invites scholarship applications for the 2018-2019 academic year from students pursuing a two-year or four-year undergraduate degree on a full-time basis at an accredited college or university in Connecticut. Visit their website for details.

Hartford Foundation for Public Giving Scholarships

Many scholarships are available through the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving. Use their Scholarship Directory to search for scholarships.

Third Party Scholarships

Helpful Hints

  • Before you start your search, it would help to have an email account. Many scholarships will send you application information over the Internet.
  • Make sure you have basic information about yourself available to send if they ask for a profile. Many sites will have scholarships available for global majority groups listed by group. Make sure you apply for these because they often do not have as many people applying for them.
  • Save the entire essay that you create when applying for scholarships. Often these essays can be “recycled” and used for multiple applications. Often a paper from one of your classes may also be adapted to meet your scholarship application needs.
  • Set aside a folder for your scholarship search. Create a list of all the scholarships you have applied for and key dates (deadlines, notification dates). The folder should also contain your basic profile and sample essays.
  • Schedule time for your Internet searches during which you do not have to work on other tasks.
  • There is an open writing lab that is available to help with your essay writing. Make sure you have someone proofread your essay before you send it.