Video: Run. Hide. Fight.

Armed Hostile Intruder on Campus

Do you know what to do when there is a notification of a hostile intruder on campus? The simple steps in this video could save your life.

Video Transcript
(Ominous music, muffled voices)
Sir, hey sir.
(Gunfire sounds and screaming)
What is it? What is it?Let’s go
Hey, call 911, call 911
If you see or hear any shots on campus, make sure to get away as fast as possible.
Leave your belongings because they’re not as important as your life.
When you’re in a safe location make sure no other students go towards the
danger and call 911 immediately. if you’re on campus call FSU PD and
alert them of the details of the shooter and his whereabouts.
I’m on the southwest corner of Azalea Hall and I just heard a gun shot.
Ok, stay calm, are you safe? How many people are hurt?
Headquarters, all units, I have a report of an active shooter situation Azalea Hall, multiple victims, I’m still on 911.
Go, let’s go! Go!
(Running and police sirens)
(Screaming, gun shot)
Girls, girls, come on
(Fire alarm activated)
Oh my god, come on it’s a fire alarm! Run, run.
(Multiple gun shots)
It’s not a fire alarm!
Sometimes shooters use fire alarms to flush out the building, so always be
alert. If you hear gunfire, hide. If you can’t escape protect yourself
Come on, put this in front of the door
(dramatic music)
(Fire alarm)
(Police sirens)
“97-97” got a window open on the fifth floor. Team swarm up let’s go
When responding to calls the shooter is our focus so we can eliminate the threat.
Remember to remain calm and follow our directions. Help is on the way for the injured.
Come on, come on, this way
(Multiple, quick gunshots)
Fighting should always be your last option, but if you have to fight,
fight for your life. The goal should never be to take out the shooter, but to
distract them and separate them from their gun. Grab anything that you can use
as a weapon and keep them neutralized until police arrive.
(multiple gun shots)
Active shooter scenarios are rare and hopefully you’ll never find yourself in
one of these situations. But if you do, remember these principles of Run, Hide, Fight.
Your life may depend on it
Don’t let strangers into buildings who are not supposed to be there. If you see
something that looks suspicious please report it. You can prevent dangerous
situations and won’t get into trouble if you say something.
Florida State University is a preeminent institution that offers a warm friendly and caring environment.
The safety and well-being of our faculty our staff, our students and our visitors
is our top priority. The FSU Police Department works tirelessly to protect
and serve the university community. But you also have a role to play being
prepared is the best line of defense for any situation. Working together we can
keep our campus safe.
Safety and wellness are vital components to student success at Florida State University. The Division of Student Affairs and our departments
work collaboratively with FSU’s Police Department and community partners to
keep you safe. Programs, resources and one-on-one care are available at FSU
This important video provides potentially life-saving information we
hope you remember, whether you are on campus or off.
The safety of every employee at Florida State University matters. The productive
workforce is one that feels safe and secure, but we all must do our part.
Online training and other resources such as the Employee Assistance Program and
the threat assessment team are available regarding health and safety issues on
campus. If you have any questions about concerning behaviors or situations in
the workplace, contact FSU PD immediately, If you see something, say something.
The mission of the Florida State University Police Department is to provide
proactive police and emergency services 24-hours a day, seven days a week.
Ensuring a safe environment on all of our campuses is our highest priority, but
you have an important role to play, to help keep our campuses safe.
Report suspicious behavior or concerning behavior to FSU police immediately.
We want you to have a plan and be ready to act in case an emergency occurs.
Run, Hide, Fight is a national model that we’ve adopted on all of our campuses. This is
your plan if someone is trying to hurt you or someone around you. Thinking about
how to respond to a critical incident is the first step in being prepared. These
situations are rare, but we know from news reports they do happen. That’s why
we want you to remember Run, Hide, Fight – if you see something – say something
to help keep our campuses safe.

What to do if campus is told to lock down:

    • Run if you believe it is safe to do so
      • Keep your hands up
    • Hide if you don’t believe you can safely run
      • Lock/barricade door
      • Turn out the light and close the blinds
      • Silence cell phone and noise-making devices
      • Stay quiet and out of sight
    • Fight the intruder as a last resort

If you see something, say something.