PC Maintenance and Repair

Job Description

A full job description including typical tasks, skills and knowledge for this position is available on the Connecticut Department of Labor’s Computer User Support Specialists web page.

Employment Outlook

According to the United States Department of Labor, the 2020 median wage for Computer User Support Specialists is $55,510 per year, $26.69 per hour.  Job Outlook shows 8% growth, 2019-2029, showing more of a demand for these skill in coming years.

Admission Requirements

Basic Windows familiarity and keyboard and mouse skills.

Course Description

Why pay for expensive upgrades when you can learn how to do them yourself? Practice installations in a hands-on workshop with real parts. Learn how to configure drivers and troubleshoot your Windows operating system. Discover how to add new peripherals, including printers and scanners. Additional topics include troubleshooting basics, researching errors online, hardware trends, buying a new PC (pre-built vs. custom). Additionally, viruses, spyware, surge protectors, and backups will be discussed. The course is appropriate for the beginner through intermediate PC user. Registered students are eligible for free Windows software.

Time Commitment

This course meets once a week for two weeks, 12 hours total.