Blackboard Faculty Information

The primary online course management system used throughout the Connecticut Community College System is Blackboard. Every course section (CRN) taught at the College is given its own Blackboard site. Faculty who decide to have an online component to their courses should utilize Blackboard as the starting point for online course materials, either putting those materials into Blackboard or linking to those materials from their Blackboard course site. Students who have registered for a course are automatically given access to that course’s Blackboard site. Students who drop a course are automatically denied access to that course site.

Getting Started with Blackboard

If you’re interested in learning about and using Blackboard, there are several training options:

  • Take a look at the Faculty Orientation shell that you’ll find on your My Courses list when you log into Blackboard.
  • There are many training workshops scheduled at MCC and at other community colleges. Visit to view sessions scheduled at all the community colleges and for registration for any session.
  • Information can be found on our troubleshooting guides page.
  • You are also welcome to contact the ETDL Department with questions.

Logging into Blackboard through myCommNet

To access Blackboard, log into myCommNet and select the Blackboard link in the upper right-hand corner. This will bring you to the Blackboard semester page; click the link for the appropriate Blackboard semester to view all of your available courses.

Cross-listed courses

Courses that make up a crosslisted course in Blackboard will each list individually on the myCommNet myCourses faculty view. Each of those separate course links will bring you to the one crosslisted course in Blackboard. Students will only see the course in which they are enrolled.

Blackboard Help

Look for more information on our troubleshooting guides page.