Smart Start

Basic Reading, Writing, Math and College-Readiness Skills

Start on your path to college success!

Smart Start is a free, non-credit program designed to enhance your basic English and math skills. Smart Start provides a pathway for you to transition toward college-level ENG* 101: Composition and college-level mathematics.

You will need ENG* 101 and at least on college-level math course to earn a Manchester Community College associate degree or certificate.

In one semester, you will:

  • Improve your reading and writing ability, learn grammar and
    punctuation rules, and build study skills through classroom instruction.
  • Increase your arithmetic and algebraic problem-solving skills through an 11-week, independent-study course, Basic Math Concepts.
  • Receive tutoring in English and math.
  • Identify your career interests and skills you will need to achieve your goals.

Once you complete the program, you will have the opportunity to retest. Test scores determine your placement in English and math courses.

Easy Steps to Enroll


To set up an appointment with the Smart Start Coordinator,  please visit or call our office.

Office Location: Student Services Center (SSC), L120

Brenda Geitz
Advisor/Smart Start Coordinator
Phone: 860-512-3325

If you prefer, we’re happy to contact you to discuss the program; please complete the form below.

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