Adults in Transition (AIT)

A program for adult students who are resuming their education.

Are you thinking of enrolling in college after a long absence from school? Are you worried that you may be too old or that your skills may be too rusty, or that you simply won't have enough time to meet the demands of college courses as you tend to the needs of work and family?

You’re not alone. Your concerns and worries are certainly real. But the Adults in Transition program at Manchester Community College may be just what you need to put these concerns behind you and begin a new and exciting journey in education.

AIT is designed to help students like yourself, the non-traditional age student, to start or re-start a college career as smoothly and successfully as possible. We specialize in helping the adult learner adjust to the demands of college and develop strategies for academic success.

“My goal was to someday return to college but it was never the right time. AIT got me oriented and acclimated and I had the support of adults coping with the same changes and stresses as I was.”

Services Designed for You

If you come to MCC through the Adults in Transition Program, you will receive the following special services:

  • a friendly and thorough interview with an academic advisor who will help you to assess your needs as you enter college
  • academic assistance that helps you to select a course of study that fits your schedule and ability
  • an orientation to the college prior to the start of the semester to get you off to your best start
  • a one-credit course in study skills that is offered just prior to the start of the semester
  • a two-credit Transition Development course that introduces you to all aspects of MCC and assists you in planning your career and/or future course of study
  • a full semester of support from your peers and from the AIT staff of professional advisors.

“If you had told me six months ago I would be feeling this good about myself after entering college, I would have laughed. I realize now that education is the key to growth and growth is success.”

AIT Students

Just about anyone who is not fresh out of high school is eligible for our program. AIT has worked with students of a variety of ages and with a variety of needs. We help those who have never set foot on a college campus before. We help those who in the past were forced to leave college because of family needs, jobs, military service, health problems or academic struggle.We help those who are merely looking to enhance job skills. We help those who simply want to give college a try to see if it is right for them.

If you fit any of these descriptions then AIT may be right for you.

“As the end of my first semester is fast approaching, I look back to see how far I have come. I was an “F” student in high school and now I am an “A” and “B” student in college.”

“You have been great and a definite leg up to this battered veteran of hard knocks. I truly needed the positive energy and guidance of AIT to help me feel as though I belong here. Guess what? I do.”

AIT Expenses

Students who enroll in AIT will be asked to pay MCC’s standard application fee of $20, plus student activity fees, and tuition for all courses, including the short course in Study Skills (1 credit) and the Transition Development course (2 credits).

When you visit the AIT office for your free interview, we will tell you all about the financial aid opportunities for which you may qualify. Financial assistance is often available in the form of grants, part-time employment, loans, and tuition waivers, provided that you qualify. The AIT staff and the MCC Financial Aid Office will help you with every aspect of the application process for financial aid. You can also fill out your Financial Aid Form online. Because tuition and fees change, you should call us at 860-512-3344 or fill out the form below to receive current information on tuition, fees, and financial aid.

“I can’t say how valuable this program was to me. It kept me going when I was ready to quit. It gave me direction, support, new friends, and a variety of resources.”

Send Me More Information

For information or to set up an appointment, call us at 860-512-3344. We are open Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. and Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The AIT office is located in room L-125 on the first floor of the Lowe building. We would also be happy to send you information through the mail. Please fill out the form below.

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“Adults in Transition has given the eaglet the wings to soar like an eagle and the confidence to leave its nest to find the future.”