Assistive Technology and Software

The following assistive technology is currently available:

  • FM System: For students with a hearing impairment; this device enables the student to hear what the professor is saying.
  • CCTV: For students with low vision, documents can be place under its camera and enlarged, and have its color or contrast adjusted.

The following software types are currently available:

  • Speech-to-Text: For students with fine motor skills impairment; this software allows students to type using their voice.
  • Text-to-Speech: For students with reading disabilities; this software presents textbooks in both visual and auditory formats.  Students are able to listen to their textbook as they read.
  • Screen Readers: For students who are blind/or have low vision; this software verbalizes actions on the computer screen.
  • Screen Magnifiers: For students with visual impairments; this software magnifies the computer screen.
  • Visual writing  organizers: For students needing assistance to organize their written assignments

For students needing  assistive technology or E-books, Jacquelyn Dannaher serves as our Assistive Technology Specialist.  She can be reached at 860-512-3594 or She is available to provide training to students with disabilities in the college’s Assistive Technology Lab (L131) on how to use our computer-based assistive technology. She also provides textbooks in an electronic format (e-books) to students who qualify.  Note: You must first have your intake appointment with one of the above providers before you can access assistive technology or E-books.

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