Faculty Wellness Referrals

The primary responsibility of faculty is to teach our students but sometimes students cannot focus and learn when they are experiencing myriad life issues including, but not limited to, mental health concerns.  Please know that you are not alone and assistance is available when such scenarios arise.

You will find information below on how and when to refer students of concern:


When a student presents unusual or uncharacteristic behavior(s) and you find yourself concerned, it is a good idea to:

  1. Share your observation with the student.
  2. Ask if student is aware of the various support resources on campus; this will help the student understand that assistance is available.
  3. Inform student of your concern and share you would like to provide a referral for additional support, as you have the student’s best interest at heart.
  4. If time permits, feel free to make the initial connection with the referral source, such as Counseling, one of our contracted part-time licensed therapists, or TimelyCare (free, 24/7 telehealth mental health and basic needs support service).


When you realize there is an immediate need for crisis intervention due to a student’s threatening behavior to self or others, such as:

  • Suicidal ideation, in verbal or nonverbal forms (in an assignment, etc.)
  • Unusual or uncharacteristic behavior(s) that poses a threat to student and/or others
  • Aggressive, agitated threats toward fellow classmates and/or you, such as potential physical harm, blatant disregard/disrespect, using violent verbal attacks, etc.
  • Lack of self-control

if a student indicates that current thoughts and feelings are potentially destructive to self or others, please consider the following:

  • DO NOT leave the student alone or let him or her leave current location
  • DO reach out to the Counseling (during business hours) and Campus Police (after business hours).
    • Be precise with your immediate need for assistance regarding a mental health crisis.  Do expect that a counselor or Campus Police will provide the support needed.

You are encouraged to follow these above protocols.  When in doubt, reach out.


If a student needs access to our free, 24/7 mental health and basic medical needs support, encourage them to reach out to timelycare.com/ctstate.

Regular Referrals

When you sense a student may benefit from connecting with a counselor due to any kind of distress, please feel free to refer as follows:

  • Encourage student to connect with Counseling in SSC L286, call 860- 512-3206 or email Wanda Reyes-Dawes.
  • Offer to connect with Counseling on student’s behalf and call while the student is still in your presence.
  • If student is open to it, suggest walking together to Counseling.

Again, for situations beyond business hours, call Campus Police for assistance.

CARE Report: You can also find valuable information in the CARE Report within myCommNet  under Announcements.