Assessment Testing

Placement into English and math courses is based upon a variety of measurement tools. Appropriate course placement is vital to your academic success. Students must have already applied to CT State Manchester before placement can be determined.

The following measurement tools will be used to determine the appropriate course placements in English, mathematics, and ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages).

How do I know if I need to take a placement test and what classes to take?

Submit academic transcripts and standardized test scores to the Admissions Office for review.

Consult your Guided Pathways Advisor to discuss proper course placement. They will help you determine if you need to complete the Writing Sample or Math ALEKS PPL assessment. It is after this consultation with your GP Advisor that you will know if you need to do one or both of these assessments since these examinations are designed to place or challenge your initial course placement after reviewing your High School GPA and the placement charts below.

If English is not the primary language you read and write, Alina Ciscel, ESOL Program Coordinator will assist you in selecting the appropriate English course to support your academic success. To do this, we ask that you complete the Accuplacer LOEP Test Intent Form to schedule a test date with us.

If you completed the Accuplacer test at another campus/college, please email your Score Report to Georgette Hyman or Heidi Campbell.

Placement Charts

Important to note: courses have been renumbered for fall 2023 and future semesters.

English Placement Chart

Placement into HS GPA  SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Test ACT English and Reading GED Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA) Test
ENG 0960 ≤ 1.99 < 360 < 22  
ENG 0930 2.00 – 2.29 ≥ 360 – 419 ≥ 23 -27  
ENG 1010/0910 2.3 – 2.79 ≥ 420 ≥ 28  
ENG 1010 ≥ 2.8 ≥ 480 ≥ 34 ≥ 165

Math Placement Chart 

Placement into  HS GPA SAT ACT ALEKS PPL GED Mathematical Reasoning (MR) Test
MATH 0988 <2.8 <510 <17 0 – 13  ≤165
MATH 0989 <2.8  <510 <17 14 – 25 ≤165
MATH 1000, 1001, 1002,1003,1004,1010,1011,1012 2.8 – 3.09 510 – 529 17 – 19 26 – 35 ≥165
MATH 0901 & 1100, 0902 & 1200, 0902 & 1201 2.8 3.09 510 – 529 17 – 19 26 – 35 ≥165
MATH 1100, 1200, 1201 ≥3.1 ≥ 530 ≥ 20 36 – 45  
MATH 0906 & 1600   530 -569 19 – 21 36 – 45  
MATH 1500   530 – 569 ≥ 20 36 – 45  
MATH 1600, 2500   570 – 611 22 – 23 46 – 60  
MATH 1610   612 – 654 24 61 – 75  
MATH 2600   ≥ 655 ≥ 25 76 – 100  



ALEKS Placement, Preparation, and Learning is a mathematics learning and evaluation tool that helps determine the appropriate mathematics course for you to begin your studies at Manchester.

The use of an external calculator (non-CAS models such as the TI-83+ or TI-84+ or a scientific calculator) is allowed. All other resources such as websites, books, or asking a friend are not allowed.

Your first Math ALEKS PPL assessment may be taken online at your convenience. If you are taking a second or subsequent ALEKS PPL assessment, you must be proctored and complete this on campus in the Testing Center by scheduling an appointment with Heidi Campbell. (Note: 3+ hours of work in the Preparation and Learning module are required before you may retake the ALEKS PPL assessment.)

See our Math: ALEKS PPL page for more information.

Placement Results

To view your placement results, log in to myCTState and complete the following steps:

  1. Select the “Banner Self–Service” link
  2. Select the “Registration/Schedule” tab
  3. Select “Items that may prevent registration”
  4. Select “Check Placement Test Recommendations”

Please note: It can take approximately 2-5 business days for your results to be posted.

For myCTState login instructions and password resets, visit the IT department.

About the Accuplacer Assessment Test for ESOL students

Accuplacer LOEP  testing may be offered to ESOL students who have no other measurement tool for course placement at CT State Manchester.  It is a computerized, adaptive test where students are assessed on their level of English proficiency (LOEP). Testing is conducted typically on Wednesday and Thursdays at 10 AM in the Testing Center, SSC Room 131.

If English is not the primary language you read and write, Alina Ciscel, ESOL Program Coordinator will assist you in selecting the appropriate English or ESOL course to support your academic success. Please contact Alina for your next step.

Adjustments for Students with Disabilities

If you feel you need adjustments for testing, you must provide documentation prior to scheduling your test with the Testing Center. No adjustments will be made without this information.  If you have a documented disability, the first step is to visit Disability Services for instructions on accessing services.


The mission of the Testing Center is to provide comprehensive testing services to students, staff and community members. To this end, the center provides a comprehensive and wide range of testing services, as well as a full range of accommodations for students needing disability accommodations. The center’s staff supports students’ academic growth by offering test sessions in a positive environment and works collaboratively with all student development programs in order to provide a professional and centralized Testing Center.

For more information about testing, email Georgette Hyman, Assistant Director, Disability Services and Testing, or Heidi Campbell, Testing Specialist.