Mentoring Programs

Are you looking for ways to connect with key supports on campus?
Are you looking for a program that will help build your academic and professional success?

Manchester Community College’s Mentoring Programs can help you on your college journey. Mentors and mentees work together on the students’ academic and professional goals.

Brother-2-Brother and Sister-2-Sister

The Brother-2-Brother and Sister-2-Sister mentoring programs were launched in Fall 2008 and were organized to address concerns regarding the academic success rates of Latino/Hispanic and African-American male and female students and to respond to requests by students to have more formalized opportunities for this type of programming.

The  mission is to provide additional support, mentoring and encouragement to students, as they work towards their academic and professional goals. The Brother-2-Brother and Sister-2-Sister programs are committed to the personal, academic, social and cultural development of each member by:

  • Equipping them with the necessary tools and resources to pursue, achieve and maintain academic excellence
  • Encouraging them to cultivate positive peer and adult relationships*
  • Helping them engage in their personal learning process
  • Promoting student leadership and service to the community

B2B/S2S Eligibility Requirements

Applications will be available after the PASS. event in August and can be requested in SSC L-120. Applications are due prior to the start of each semester by the end of add/drop period.

Pathway to Academic Student Success

The Pathway to Academic Success is a free one-day program designed to provide new and newly transferred African-American and Latino/Hispanic students an opportunity to explore college resources, connect with key supports on campus, and learn about the benefits of mentoring. All students are eligible, regardless of ethnicity.

This year’s PASS program will be held on Friday, August 18, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Click here to register and find out more. 


The Veteran-II-Veteran Peer Mentorship Program (VIIV) was founded in Fall 2015, thanks to a generous gift from Monaco Ford in Glastonbury. The objectives of VIIV are to assist veterans and service members with their transition to Manchester Community College and to foster a connection with faculty, staff and students via a student-centered peer mentoring system.

Selected peer mentors work as a team to facilitate proactive student-to-student interaction, engagement and intervention. Students are selected via an interview process and will receive a small award at the end of the Fall and Spring semesters. The peer mentor program serves all veteran students; peer mentor hours will be posted in the Veteran’s Oasis Center.

Contact Information

For Brother-2-Brother or Sister-2-Sister mentoring, please contact:
Beverly Schott
SSC L120

For the Veteran-II-Veteran mentoring, please contact:
Ta’Shema Odoms
SSC L120