Mentoring Programs

Individual and group coaching for college success.

Manchester Community College’s mentoring programs can help you on your college journey. Mentors and mentees work together on the student’s academic and professional goals.

Brother-2-Brother and Sister-2-Sister

The Brother-2-Brother and Sister-2-Sister mentoring programs provide additional support, mentoring and encouragement to students as they work towards their academic and professional goals.

There are two ways to get involved with our mentoring programs:

Pathway to Academic Student Success

Pathway to Academic Success (PASS) is a free, one-day event for first-time and current MCC students. By participating in PASS, students will become familiar with resources on campus, connect with key supports and learn more about the mentoring programs. Check back in April for more information on our next PASS event! 

Group Mentoring

Our group mentoring model is an opportunity for students to build community by meeting twice a month with other students and mentors on campus. Mentoring allows students to connect to staff and faculty members and develop their academic and professional skills in a smaller, more focused setting. If you are interested in our group mentoring program, please complete the mentee application below. An email will be sent to mentees at the start of the semester with group meeting dates and location.

Complete an application and learn more.

Join us for an eight-week series.

“Black Minds matter is a public course that is designed to raise the national consciousness about issues facing Black boys and men in education. The course intentionally addresses the pervasive undervaluing and criminalization of Black minds. Tangible solutions for promoting the learning, development, and success of Black males are offered.” J. Luke Wood.

For more information, please visit the Black Minds Matter course website.

Contact Information

For information about the Brother-2-Brother or Sister-2-Sister mentoring programs, please contact:

Sarah Perez, MSW
Student Services Center, SSC L108