PASS Program

Make a commitment to your education! Get the help you need to succeed!

PASS (Promoting Academically Successful Students) is a Connecticut state grant from the Office of Higher Education. It is designed to meet the needs of minority students on academic probation who may need additional support to improve their standing and reach their academic goal. 

PASS Scholars Program Provides the Support You Need to Succeed

  • Exclusive student success workshops on study skills, resources and career exploration
  • Weekly individualized coaching appointments
  • Connections to campus tutoring services and other supports
  • Referrals to community services

PASS Scholars Program Requirements

  • Attend monthly student success workshops each semester
  • Meet weekly with your Academic Coach
  • Participate in at least three tutoring sessions per semester

PASS Program Free to Eligible Students

This program is supported by the Minority Advancement Program administered by the Connecticut Office of Higher Education.

Este programa es respaldado por el Programa de Avance de Minorias Administrado por la Oficina de Educacion Superior de Connecticut.



Elisa Eaton
Beverly Schott