Purchasing Procedures

The Shared Services Purchasing operates within the procurement framework and guidelines of the State of Connecticut.

Steps in Purchasing Process:

  1. Determine the product or service needed and obtain a quote or proposal from the potential vendor(s). This can be done by the department user or the Purchasing Department.
  2. The department user may wish to contact Purchasing for a list of vendors that are under contract or have Purchasing obtain quotes or proposals on their behalf.
  3. A minimum of three quotes must be provided for each product or service with a dollar value exceeding $1,000, and the vendor is not under State contract.
  4. A purchase requisition must be completed with all relevant information including: ordering department, approving signature and date, suggested and/or approved vendor, date required, organization code and department user information. A brief description of what is being purchased must be included in the body of the requisition, as well as the quoted price.
  5. The purchase requisition must be dropped off in Finance and Administrative Services, Student Services Center L165, time stamped and placed in the basket for coding, or it may be mailed to MS# 10 Purchasing Department. All backup documentation necessary to process the requisition, including any invoices, quotes or proposals, must be provided.
  6. The purchase requisition will be processed into a purchase order and the Purchasing Department will contact the vendor. The receiving report will be sent to the department user to be signed once the product or service is received or completed.
  7. The purchase requisition includes a green receiving report and should be signed if submitting an invoice or subscription for immediate payment.
  8. The purchase order must be created prior to the ordering or receiving of products or services. Failure to do so is a violation of State of Connecticut purchasing policy.

Food Purchases and Catering

  1. Food purchases require three quotes if the purchase requisition exceeds $750.
  2. Food purchases that include a service-related component (wait staff), must have a fully executed Personal Service Agreement or Cost Contract prior to the date of the event. See Contracting for Services for more information.
  3. Only licensed caterers can provide food to campus events where the public may be served.
  4. Ms. B’s is currently under contract as the college’s caterer and does not require additional quotes and should be used whenever possible.