CORE Password Reset

Employees may now log in to the payroll system and review up to two years of paychecks. New check/direct deposit advice data is updated Thursday of each payweek. Please follow the following instructions for logging in the first time. It is important that you set up the “Password Help” and “Primary Email Address” information during initial setup.

  1. Go to website or Google “State of CT CORE”.
  2. Your CORE ID is the 6 digit Employee ID shown on your current paycheck or paper advice (applicable to direct deposit).
  3. Your temporary password is the first four letters of your Last Name (all in uppercase) AND the last four digits of your SSN.
  4. New Password: Upon login you will be prompted to change your temporary password and create your own permanent password. Your CORE/Employee ID however, will remain constant as the the 6 digit Employee ID shown on your current paycheck or paper advice. Note: Permanent password must be 8 characters and 3 digits.
  5. My System Profile:
    1. Click on “Change or set up forgotten password help”
    2. Select the hint question from dropdown and type response
    3. Click OK and continue to “Primary Email Address”
    4. Add your email address. (This will be email address used if you need
      to retrieve a forgotten password)
    5. Save
  6. To view paychecks
    1. Click on “View Paycheck Information” under the Payroll menu
    2. Click on the period ending date of paycheck you wish to view
  7. Always sign out. The “sign out” is in upper right hand corner of home
    portal page.
  8. Password Resets: No worries!! Contact the Payroll department to reset your password if you are unable to reset your password through email. The Payroll department can reset your password and you will be prompted to set up a new permanent password.