We encourage you to engage fully in your academic pursuits at MCC. Student Retention Services staff are available to meet with you in person or by online appointment via WebEx to recommend strategies and campus resources that can help you succeed.

Types of Appeals

Academic Warning, Probation and Suspension Appeals

A student may request to appeal their academic standing for the current semester if they have experienced extenuating circumstances.

Request for Reinstatement

Students on suspension that have taken the required 15-week semester off can request to meet with an advisor to discuss their plans to move forward.

Fresh Start Program

Students not registered for a period of two-years/four consecutive semesters and left with an academic standing of warning, probation or suspension (progress probation is not part of this program).

Retaking a Course for a Fourth Time

Students requesting to take a course for a fourth time will need approval from Student Retention Services and the department chair before registering.

To apply for an appeal, please fill out and submit the form on the appeals form page.

Appointment Instructions

Once your appeal is submitted, go to Insight for Students to sign up for an individual appointment.

  1. Log in to myCommNet
  2. From the menu, open Symplicity and select Manchester Community College
  3. Open on “Insight for Students”
  4. Go to Appointments
  5. Request New Appointment
  6. Select Student Retention Services
  7. Scroll down and check availability
  8. Select the desired Adviser/Time
  9. Appointment confirmation will pop up; you can add a note, then submit request

We offer on campus, phone, and online appointments.  Online appointments require the use of a computer and phone. Your adviser will email more information to you.

View the Insight for Students Instructions video for a more detailed walkthrough.

Warning, Probation and Suspension Academic Policies

Progress Probation

All attempted credits are factored into your academic progress. In order to maintain satisfactory academic progress, more than 50% of credits attempted must be successfully completed with a passing grade. If 50% or more of your attempted credits are an F, W, I, or N, then Progress Probation will automatically be applied.

GPA Warning, Probation and Suspension

Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA), as well as academic progress, can affect academic standing. Based on cumulative GPA, a student’s academic standing is in jeopardy if:

Cumulative Credit Hours Cumulative Grade Point Average Academic Status
Less than 12 0.0-1.49 Warning
12-30.99 0.0-1.69 Probation*
31 or more 0.0-1.99 Probation*

*Students who are on academic probation and who, at the close of the next semester in which the student is registered, have not attained the overall GPA to move back into good standing have earned suspension for one fifteen-week semester.

Repeating a Course More Than Three Times

No student can take a course more than three times. The highest grade received will be used in calculating the student’s GPA. This does not apply to those courses that are designed to be repeated for additional credit. A request for waiver of these standards shall be made to the Student Retention Coordinator.

College transcripts will record all attempts of classes and the grades earned in each attempt. Students should note that, while MCC will not use repeated grades in calculating GPA, colleges to which they are applying for transfer may use a different method to make such a calculation.

Any or all of these notations count as attempts:

  • I (Incomplete)
  • M (Maintaining Progress)
  • N (No Grade)
  • UF (Unfinished)
  • P (Pass)
  • W (Withdrawal)
  • Letter Grade of A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, F

Fresh Start

Important: Fresh Start is for students who have been away from the college for two  or more years (four semesters) who would return on probation or have been suspended, and who have a GPA of less than 2.0.

The student will receive credit for all previous courses passed with a grade of “C–” or above, including “P”. All courses and grades remain on the student’s academic record with the additional notation of FRESH START OPTION in effect this term. Previous passing work becomes credit only, and the student begins with a “fresh” cumulative GPA.

The Fresh Start option may be used only once. The student must apply for the option prior to or within one year of readmission. The application will be considered by the Student Retention Services Coordinator. If approved, the Registrar’s office will invoke the Fresh Start Option.

Important: A student must complete a minimum of 15 credits after returning to college under the Fresh Start option to be eligible for a degree or certificate and for graduation honors.

Full Academic Policies