Student Retention Services

Support for students on warning, probation or suspension.

We encourage you to engage fully in your academic pursuits at MCC. Student Retention Services staff are available to meet with you by online appointment via WebEx to recommend strategies and campus resources that can help you succeed.

Areas of Focus

  • Academic Warning, Probation, and Suspension Appeals
  • Request for Reinstatement
  • Fresh Start Program
  • Retaking a Course for a Fourth Time

Academic Outcome Report

Letters are sent to your college email address at the end of each semester with detailed information on your current academic standing and credit restrictions. Please contact the Financial Aid Office, Veterans OASIS or other payment sources to discuss the impact of your academic standing on your ability to pay for your course(s).

Academic Appeal

A student may request to appeal their academic standing for different reasons, all of which are explained on the appeals page. Fill out and submit the online academic appeal form and a member of Student Retention Services will get back to you. Appeals for reinstatement after being suspended and taking time off, and for Fresh Start, should be submitted immediately.  The Student Retention Services team will be meeting with students for these purposes from November 1, 2021 to January 7, 2022.  Appeals after that time period will not be considered until Fall 2022.


Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA), as well as academic progress, can affect academic standing. Based on cumulative GPA,  a student’s academic standing is in jeopardy if:

Cumulative Credit Hours Cumulative Grade Point Average Academic Status
Less than 12 0.0-1.49 Warning
12-30.99 0.0-1.69 Probation*
31 or more 0.0-1.99 Probation*

*Students who are on academic probation and who, at the close of the next semester in which the student is registered, have not attained the overall GPA to move back into good standing have earned suspension for one fifteen-week semester.

A student may return to MCC after suspension by meeting with Michelle Nickerson via Webex. As long as a student is progressing in both policy areas, they may put in a Request for Reinstatement by the announced deadline date each semester.

Continual W, I, UF and F Grades can spiral a student into Progress Probation. A student will be placed on Progress Suspension after four consecutive semesters of Progress Probation.

To learn more, view our academic policies.


Student Retention Services advances academic and personal growth for all students through implementation of campus-wide structures that improve students’ success. We assist students in achieving and maintaining good academic status and in fulfilling their potential.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding your academic standing and options for reinstatement.

Phone: 860-512-3320 (calls being retrieved and answered)
Contact Person: Michelle Nickerson
Educational Assistant: Beverly Schott

Online appointments in Insight (using Webex) via  myCommNet are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.