Guided Pathways Advising

Register for the right courses, build your schedule and review your academic plan.

Welcome to Guided Pathways Advising! The advisors are here to assist you with your needs. Please contact us using any of these methods.

Need to contact an advisor with a question? Use the Connect with Advising form.

Schedule a Meeting with Us

The Guided Pathways Advisors can meet with you in person, virtually (WebEx) and over the phone.  When scheduling your appointment, please clarify which method you would prefer.

Here’s how:

  1. Log in to myCommNet
  2. From the menu, open Symplicity and select Manchester Community College
  3. Open on “Insight for Students”
  4. Go to Appointments
  5. Request New Appointment
  6. Select Academic Advising
  7. Scroll down and check availability
  8. Select the desired advisor/time
  9. Add a note, if necessary, at the appointment confirmation, then submit request

Appointments are available on campus, by phone and online.  Online appointments require the use of a computer and phone.

Let’s Chat

Receive answers online to simple, basic advising questions
For your convenience, you can submit questions to our online chat feature.  Click on the Let’s Chat box on this page.

Guided Pathways Advisors

Venica Blythe, MEd
Philip Burnham, MS
Cat Carter, MS, MA, Associate Director
Karen Collin
Awa Diop, MS Candidate
Brenda Geitz, EdM
Amanda Looney-Goetz, MA
Gina Marchesani, MEd
Jennifer Natoli, MS
Michelle Nickerson, MS, Associate Director

Student Retention Services Staff

For students who are having academic difficulty and have taken time off from school and wish to return, please contact one of the following team members, or visit the Student Retention Services page.

Venica Blythe, MEd
Awa Diop, MS Candidate
Michelle Nickerson, MS
Beverly Schott,  MA/Sixth Year Certificate

PASS Program

A program for underrepresented students who are struggling with academics and have been placed on academic probation.  We provide support including tutoring and coaching to help you get back into good standing.

Elisa Eaton, BA
Beverly Schott,  MA/6th Year Certificate

Program-Specific Majors

Program Coordinators, Department Chairs and Faculty Advisors (while classes are in session)
In addition to the above options, you can also contact your program coordinator, department chair or faculty advisor by scheduling an individual appointment through email.  See the directory for contact information.


View Your Academic Progress using Degree Works

Use Degree Works to quickly see your progress toward completing a degree or certificate program and provide answers to “What if” scenarios, such as “What if I change my major to the CSCU Pathway Transfer: Business Studies, A.A. because I plan to transfer to Central, Eastern, Southern or Western.” Degree Works produces reports that list the courses you need to take to complete your program. Learn about  Degree Works.

Assess Your Values, Skills and Interests using Focus 2

Use the Focus 2 self-assessment tool to help you choose your area of study and future career.  If you wish to discuss your results, please email Director of Career Services Julie Greene.


Monday-Friday:  8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; evening hours to begin in January.


Phone: 860-512-3320

Mailing Address:
Great Path, MS #8
P.O. Box 1046
Manchester, CT  06045-1046