Strategic Plan


Manchester Community College advances academic, economic, civic, personal and cultural growth by providing comprehensive, innovative and affordable learning opportunities to diverse populations. We are a learning-centered community committed to access, excellence and relevance.

Academic Excellence

MCC demonstrates academic excellence and rigor in its programs and courses, and continually improves the quality of learning, teaching and student support.

  1. Develop and enhance curriculum to meet student and workforce needs.
  2. Create and implement a comprehensive assessment plan.
  3. Increase student access to advising and support services

Student Success and Enrollment Management

MCC is a college where all students develop a clearly identified pathway to meet their educational goals.

  1. Increase credit and non-credit enrollment
  2. Improve our students’ first year experience and outcomes
  3. Develop an academic advising program/plan that will result in more students meeting their educational goals
  4. Invest in holistic student support and retention services


MCC meets the needs of our students and stakeholders by leveraging the collective creativity, experience, and commitment of the college community and our regional partners.

  1. Expand and develop connections with local and national governmental, cultural, business and educational institutions
  2. Promote the work of MCC faculty, staff, students and alumni in the community
  3. Develop a culture of philanthropy with internal and external partners
  4. Cross-division collaboration on grants

College Culture

MCC is a world-class organization where we intentionally build our capacity for shared leadership, shared understanding, and shared responsibility. The college fosters a culture of innovation, diversity and inclusion.

  1. Develop an effective communication plan to support student success, faculty, staff and external stakeholders
  2. Allocate resources in ways that encourage creativity and innovation in meeting the College’s goals
  3. Invest in programs that celebrate our diversity
  4. Promote an environment of civility and collegiality among members of the college community
  5. Promote an environment where each of the college’s Divisions contribute to all five strategic goal areas


MCC actively protects its assets and continually seeks to develop new resources. The college’s reputation, human
resources, physical spaces, capital assets, technology infrastructure, alternative funding sources, and accreditation are all critical components of student success. The college explores and adopts sustainable practices.

  1. Under a balanced budget, provide infrastructure that supports learning

Goals – broad vision statements in five areas (Academic Excellence, Student Success, Partnerships, Culture, Stewardship), pillars

Objectives – (numbered) measurable statements about outcomes we’d like to change

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