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Please submit in writing why you are interested in the Faculty Fellowship Program. Include in your submission any previous experience that might be relevant. Please limit your response to 300 words or fewer and submit electronically using the text box below.

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Manchester Community College is subject to federal and state laws and regulations regarding equal employment opportunity and affirmative action, which makes record keeping regarding the race, sex and physical disabilities of employment applicants a necessity. Additionally, MCC is committed to avoiding the use of unintentional barriers to equal employment opportunity, and the keeping of such statistics aids in this regard. The information on how you became aware of this position helps to identify which recruitment sources were effective and assists with future recruitment activity. Therefore, if is requested that you provide the information requested below.

This information will not be used to exclude you at any stage of the search and selection process and will be used only to comply with the requirements established in the regulations of the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities. If you have any questions regarding this data collection activity, please feel free to contact Dr. Pamela Mitchell, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at 860-512-2604 or pmitchell1@manchestercc.edu.

If you do not wish to furnish this information, failure to do so will not in any way negatively affect your candidacy for this position.

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