Agency Jurisdiction and Mutual Aid

PURPOSE : To identify the specific geographical boundaries of the Manchester Community College and to define the Manchester Community College Police Department’s responsibilities, particularly as they relate to concurrent jurisdiction involving other law enforcement agencies.

POLICY : The Manchester Community College Police Department personnel will be responsible for responding to and investigating all police matters within the department’s jurisdiction as outlined below.

Standards and Guidelines

Geographical Area

  • Manchester Community College is an open campus situated on approximately 72 acres of a 160-acre tract. It has ten buildings (Great Path Academy, Student Services Center (Lowe), Learning Resource Center, Arts & Science Technology, Tower, Maintenance Garage, and six single story “Village” buildings), approximately 3 miles of roadway, 2 miles of walkways, and 5 parking lots.
  • The geographical boundaries for Manchester Community College are: on the north by I-384 and the Paved Bicycle Path; on the east by Bidwell Street and property owned by Connecticut Light and Power Company; on the south by Wetherell Street and the Manchester Regional Academy at 665 Wetherell Street; on the west by Hillstown Road and the properties of 183, 195, 209, and 215 Hillstown Road.

Primary Jurisdiction :

  • The Manchester Community College Police Department has primary jurisdiction within this geographical area.
  • MCC Police personnel, when on duty, will respond to all complaints, emergencies and criminal activity on campus. Assistance may be requested from the Manchester Police and/or the Connecticut State Police when necessary.
  • The Town of Manchester Police Department will respond to complaints, emergencies, and criminal activity at MCC when MCC Police personnel are not on duty and when the MCC Police Department does not have adequate resources to respond to an event and requests assistance from the town.