MCC Police

The mission of the MCC Police Department is to provide a safe and secure educational environment to the College’s diverse and dynamic population. This is accomplished by providing professional police service, active crime prevention, and proactive patrol with fairness, responsiveness, integrity, and respect.

To Report a Crime or Emergency on Campus

MCC Police
Emergency: x23111 (from a college phone)
860-512-3111 (from an outside phone)
Routine Calls: 860-512-3680

Town on Manchester Police and Fire Departments
Emergency: 911

The MCC Police, located in the Student Service Center, room L-174, should be notified of all situations that might jeopardize the safety of persons or property on campus.

All motor vehicle laws and the Connecticut General Statutes will be enforced without prejudice.

Police Regulations
Campus Safety Rules and Regulations

Additional Documents

Campus Security Authority

MCC Police Staff

Title Name
Sergeant Donna Manning
Police Officer Brian Fox
Police Officer Gerry Geyer
Police Officer Cleon Moses
Police Officer Bryan Mulligan
Buildings and Grounds Patrol Officer Kevin Regan
Buildings and Grounds Patrol Officer Buildings and Grounds Patrol Officer
Dispatcher Stephanie Delgado
Telecommunications Operator