Facilities Management and Planning

The Office of Facilities Management and Planning provides an environment that is suitable for the learning experience provided at MCC. Our goal is to keep the campus safe through site lighting, cleanliness and well-managed grounds. We strive to provide a clean and wholesome environment that will encourage the community to use our campus for their needs.

Hours: Monday–Friday, 7:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Phone: 860-512-3660
E-mail: GenInfoFacilities@manchestercc.edu

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Director of Facilities & Planning Darlene Mancini-Brown 860-512-3662
Secretary 2 Yamilet Santiago 860-512-3663
Mail Handler James Brunelle 860-512-3646
EA, Environmental Safety Coordinator Tricia Baustien  860-512-3636

Building Services

Building Superintendent 3 Robert Smith 860-512-3675
Qualified Craft Worker (HVAC) Robert Foley 860-512-3672
Qualified Craft Worker (Electrical) Robert Godere 860-512-3664
Qualified Craft Worker (Plumbing) Joel Grout Jr. 860-512-3666
Qualified Craft Worker (HVAC) Clifton W. Roberts 860-512-3658
Custodian Robert Bray 860-512-3660
Custodian Sulma Bricemo 860-512-3660
Custodian Christopher Cardono 860-512-3660
Custodian Sally Crawford 860-512-3660
Custodian Gerald Dickens 860-512-3660
Custodian David Drabek 860-512-3660
Custodian Kevin Fox 860-512-3660
Custodian Mohamed Khan 860-512-3660
Custodian Heather LeBlanc 860-512-3660
Custodian Rudolph Lerz 860-512-3660
Custodian Michael Mitchell, Jr. 860-512-3660
Custodian Warren Olsen 860-512-3660
Custodian Timothy Pitt 860-512-3660
Custodian Marcos Quispe 860-512-3660
Custodian Felix Sanchez 860-512-3660
Custodian Barbara Szablowska 860-512-3660
Custodian Bing Tse 860-512-3660
Custodian Richard Willhide 860-512-3660
Lead Custodian Phillip Johnson 860-512-3660
Lead Custodian Jose Vargas 860-512-3660
Supervising Custodian George Wiafe 860-512-3795


Skilled Maintainer Nelson Diaz 860-512-3676
Maintainer Sean Donlon 860-512-3676
Maintainer Daniel Finnegan 860-512-3676
Maintainer German Torres 860-512-3676
Maintenance Supervisor 1 Anthony Perez 860-512-3676


Hazard Mitigation Plan

MCC is part of a  plan being developed to proactively identify the hazards and vulnerabilities of natural disasters at any of the 17 campuses of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) system and Board of Regents office at 61 Woodland St., and any actions or projects that could reduce these risks.

The plan information can be found on the CSCU Facilities webpage.