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Do you enjoy helping others? Want a fulfilling career where you can work directly with people – in one of the fastest-growing fields? Whether you want to build skills and qualifications for your current position, seek a new and exciting career, or aspire to be a leader in the field of social work – we offer a wide range of programs in human services specializations. You’ll learn about the challenges and the rewards of working in human services, while gaining practical hands-on experience in your focus area. CT State Manchester can train you to work in the career of your dreams: helping people in need. Get right to work in a field that’s projected to grow by 25 percent over the coming years.

CT State Manchester’s Human Services associate degree prepares students to work in the broad and diverse field of human services, a profession developing in response to and in anticipation of the direction of human needs and human problems in the 21st century. The goal of the program is to improve the quality of life for all of society. The associate degree curriculum provides a general background for work with children, families and adults. Most professions in human services require academic work beyond the associate degree for continuing professional work and advancement. Individuals with an associate degree may be employed as case management aides, human services workers, residential managers, gerontology aides, special-education teacher aides, mental-health technicians and social-service technicians. The program prepares each student through exposure to the most current thinking in the field, hands-on experience and community networking.

The Human Services certificate provides organizations with a means of offering education at a post-secondary level to employees who seek theoretical understanding of the duties they perform as well as new skills that will lead to job advancement. The program is also designed to provide a general background in human services that will prepare students not yet employed in the field with basic knowledge and skills of value to social service agencies or to the personnel departments of business and industry. All credits earned in the certificate in Human Services may be applied toward the associate in science degree.

For students who plan to transfer to complete the requirements for a bachelor of arts degree in social work at one of the four Connecticut state universities, enrolling in the Social Work Studies Transfer Ticket degree pathway program may be a good choice. By entering this program, students are able to start their course work at Manchester and take advantage of its high quality instruction and more affordable community college tuition and fees. Upon completion of the CSCU Pathway Transfer: Social Work Studies associate degree, and if accepted to one of the state programs, students will start as a third year student, taking with them the credits earned from Manchester.

In addition, Manchester has developed excellent relationships with colleges and universities in Connecticut and the Northeast outside of the CSCU system to ensure that our students are able to transfer the maximum number of credits toward their degree. Students who are planning to transfer are encouraged to meet with their academic advisors or department chairs to discuss how courses transfer to other institutions. More information on the transfer options available can be found in the Transfer Services portion of the website.

Graduates of the programs are prepared for entry-level employment in the social service field.

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Joanna White
Associate Professor/Program Coordinator