Performing Artist Health and Safety Information

Students are encouraged to supplement information obtained in their lessons, master classes and guest lectures regarding performing artist health and safety issues by using some of the resources listed below. Additionally, students are encouraged to take advantage of the Performing Arts Medicine Association (PAMA) in order to obtain information about available local resources. To become a student member of PAMA, please go to

Injury Prevention and Performing Artist Health

Hearing Health

Musculoskeletal Health and Injury

Psychological Health

Acoustic Conditions in Practice, Rehearsal and Performance Facilities

  • Although MCC’s acoustically-treated practice, rehearsal and performance facilities meet OSHA Noise Standards, students must be mindful of exposure to excessive noise levels for extended periods of time. OSHA guidelines define excessive noise levels as 90 decibels or higher for more than eight hours. For more information, please review the  decibel comparison chart and musical decibel level chart, which is specific to musical performance and listening.