Audition Information

Audition Dates

Auditions for Spring 2024 Semester

Friday, December 8, 2023
Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Auditions for Fall 2024 Semester

Friday, June 7, 2024
Thursday, August 8, 2024

Audition Requirements

In compliance with the National Association for Schools of Music (NASM) accrediting standards, students interested in pursuing the college’s Music Studies associate degree program are required to audition with a member of the music faculty to determine their level of instrumental or vocal music proficiency. Auditions are scheduled for 15 minutes, and students will be required to perform, in person, two contrasting compositions.

Audition Specifics

  • Students wishing to matriculate into the Music Studies associate degree program must complete and return the audition application.
  • The audition process is designed to assess a student’s proficiency in the ability to:
    • Read and interpret standard musical notation
    • Produce an acceptable tone quality on one’s instrument or voice
    • Perform with rhythmic clarity and consistency of pulse
    • Perform with acceptable intonation (being in tune)
    • Perform with an understanding of phrasing and style
  • An accompanist will be provided upon request. The student may also bring his/her own.

Note: Students who indicate prior theory instruction may have the option to be tested and receive credit for MUS* B115: Music Theory I.

Contact Information

Deborah A. Simmons, Ed.D.
Program Coordinator
Phone: 860-512-2674

2022-2023 Planned Instrumental and Vocal Auditions

Please contact the individual listed below to obtain specific information about additional  audition requirements, such as types of scales and repertoire styles.  Program Coordinator Dr. Deborah Simmons can provide information for  instruments not found on this list.

Audition Type Contact
Composition Karl Warner,
Conducting Carolina Flores,   
Flute/Recorder Barbara Hopkins,
Guitar Michael Kevetos-Jazz/PopGuitar,
Daniel Salazar-Classical Guitar,
Deborah Simmons-Applied Guitar,
Double Bass, Bass Guitar (Jazz) Matt Dwonszyk, 
Low Brasses Benjamin Griffin,
Percussion Robert Kennon,
Piano Carolina Flores,
Barbara Robbins,
Piano (Jazz) Jen Allen,
Saxophone Mallory Kokus,
Cliff Schofer-Classical Saxophone,
Trombone Benjamin Griffin,
Trumpet Larry Gareau,
Violin Emlyn Ngai,
Voice Atla DeChamplain,
Bridget Scarlato,
Luke Scott,
Voice (Jazz) Atla DeChamplain,