A Career in Computer Game Design

With the growth of the Internet as a communication tool, the design principles associated with printed matter also extend to digital and web-based media. In essence, good graphic design means effective communication.

As the name implies, digital arts bring together various computer-based media such as computer game design, animation, computer graphics, 3D modeling and video editing, production and sound. Technologies such as the Internet, CD-ROM and DVD, digital cameras and video, along with the personal computer, have changed the way the world receives and distributes information and increased the demand for visual communication.

Manchester Community College was the first college in Connecticut to offer an associate in arts degree focused on the comprehensive instruction of digital media, and it remains a leader in design and digital arts education. MCC’s program is focused on developing students’ creative and technical skills; its graduates are well-trained in today’s technologies and are prepared for a wide variety of job opportunities in publishing, education, broadcasting, general business and medicine.

Some potential career choices are:

  • Animator
  • CD/DVD Producer
  • Game Designer
  • Sound Editor
  • 3D Animator
  • 3D Illustrator
  • Video Editor
  • Video Producer
  • Video Special Effects Artist
  • Web Designer 
  • Web Master

On the Web

These websites provide additional information on careers in the multimedia field:

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