MCC Women’s Caucus Names Francine Rosselli-Navarra Outstanding Woman of the Year

Manchester, Conn. (July 10, 2017) – Professor Francine Rosselli-Navarra, chair of MCC’s academic senate and psychology department faculty member for 14 years, has been recognized by the Manchester Community College Women’s Caucus with the Outstanding Woman of the Year Award.

The award is given annually to a female faculty or staff member who has made an important contribution to the achievements of women at the college, exemplifies leadership qualities and acts as a role model and mentor through her activities on campus. Each year the Women’s Caucus alternates the Outstanding Woman of the Year Award between staff and faculty, honoring a staff member in the even years and a faculty member in the odd years.

Rosselli-Navarra, a resident of Vernon, also served as chair of the college’s curriculum committee for three years. She joined MCC in 2003 as an adjunct psychology professor and was hired full-time in 2004.

Professor Maura O’ Connor, chair of the graphic arts program, who nominated Rosselli-Navarra, said, “Fran has served during a tumultuous time for the college and university system.  She has risen to the occasion numerous times to meet the challenges that the college faces.”

Professor Deborah Simmons, coordinator of the music studies program, supported the nomination. She added, “As a leader she continually reflects an awareness and understanding of what MCC stands for – students.”

For her part, Rosselli-Navarra believes that the main agenda for the academic senate and the college going forward is maintaining the integrity of college curriculum. The goal always is to support MCC’s widely diverse and impressive student body.

“It is the students who keep me coming back every semester,” she explained. “They are the reason we keep teaching. I am continually amazed by our students – by the individual and wonderfully varied experiences they bring to the classroom and by the sacrifices so many of them make to pursue their education.”

She added that everyone at MCC, including the staff, faculty and students, create a unique college culture. “There is a sense of respect, compassion and comradery that permeates MCC, and those qualities are not found in every institution and workplace,” she said.

She regularly volunteers with activities on campus, including Evening of Fine Wines and ushering at the annual Academic Awards ceremony. In addition, she has been involved in research outside of MCC, as the project director for a federally funded investigation on the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral guided self-help treatment for binge eating disorders, as well as serving as a research advisor for the Quantitative Analysis Center Summer Research program at Wesleyan University.

Rosselli-Navarra shares some good advice for female colleagues and students: “A strong support network increases resiliency and helps people to not only cope with day-to-day challenges, but to continue to persevere when faced with major obstacles. So whatever your current position or career goals, take the time to nurture your professional relationships just as you would your personal relationships.”

About the MCC Women’s Caucus — Since the 1970s, the MCC Women’s Caucus has recognized the value of a social experience and helping female faculty and staff develop a network in which they could work toward common goals. A mark of the effectiveness of the caucus can be seen in the permanent committees that have become part of the mainstream of the college.

Each year the caucus brings members together to lunch and learn from a colleague. The highlight of the Woman’s Caucus season is the annual spring luncheon at which the Outstanding Woman of the Year Award is conferred on a woman who has supported and promoted the professional development of women on campus. The annual luncheon also recognizes the collegiality of women on campus and the contributions made by many.