Viscogliosi Entrepreneurship Center

The Viscogliosi Entrepreneurship Center provides entrepreneurs and small business owners with opportunities to explore and develop their passion and vision, and to create responsible leadership and viable businesses through innovative and informative educational and networking programs.

The center was named in honor of a generous gift made by Paula and Anthony G. Viscogliosi. The Viscogliosis’ combined years of international experience as accomplished entrepreneurs, visionaries and philanthropists have led them to Manchester, where they work with numerous local organizations to integrate Manchester’s illustrious heritage with today’s community through the inspiration and opportunity of the arts, education and entrepreneurship.

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  • Support innovative, practical programs aimed at helping individuals and small businesses explore their entrepreneurial passions, launch viable new enterprises and expand their current ventures’ prospects.
  • Foster an understanding of social enterprise as a business tool for achieving social and environmental change.
  • Promote financial literacy as the foundation of professional and personal economic well-being.
  • Provide opportunities and resources for building strong networks and mutually beneficial relationships within the business community.
  • Awaken and encourage the entrepreneurial mindset upon which an energized, creative and productive workforce is dependent.