MCC Awarded Funding to Operate PASS Student Retention Program

MANCHESTER, Conn. (January 2, 2019) – Manchester Community College has been awarded a grant totaling $37,500 to operate a program known as PASS (Promoting Academically Successful Students). The Connecticut state grant, supported by the PASS program in the Office of Higher Education, is designed specifically to fund strategic initiatives to address the needs of qualifying students on academic probation who may need additional support to improve their standings.

The concept includes high-touch programs that combine student support with student accountability, providing a foundation for at-risk students to realize their academic goals.

“We are pleased to receive this additional funding, which adds to the wrap-around services we provide to help ensure student success,” said Peter Harris, interim dean of student affairs and enrollment management. “The PASS program has room for 25 students in the Spring 2019 semester to work with faculty and staff to develop sustainable college acumen skills, get themselves removed from academic probation and remain on track to achieve their educational goals.”

MCC students who earn fewer than 50 percent of their registered credits are placed on academic probation. The primary consequence is credit limits in the following semester. This in turn leads to some 1,000 credit students being put on “progress probation,” which not only delays completion but also can affect financial aid. The PASS program is designed to enable students to make progress towards their academic goals and get back into good academic standing at the end of the Spring 2019 semester. It is expected that all PASS students will achieve an overall GPA of 2.0 to be removed from probation.

As participants in the program, qualifying students must agree to meet with advisors, and receive academic counseling. In addition, program components include a credit class focused on student skills, an academic coaching program, a mentoring program, dedicated tutors, co-curricular events and early interventions.

For more information, contact Sarah Perez, coordinator of student retention services, at 860-512-3302.