21st Century Manufacturing Technology

Knowledge. Practice. Dependability.

MCC’s manufacturing programs are geared toward preparing students for a productive, successful career in this growing and important sector.

Connecticut has long been a hub of precision manufacturing, and a skilled work force is needed by the thousands of companies that are located in the state. To address this need, MCC offers a variety of programs to help prepare students for a successful career in this vital sector. Non-credit certificate programs provide the preparation students need for entry-level positions; credit certificate programs prepare them for further advancement in their careers; and associate degree programs offer students a pathway to a bachelor’s degree and beyond. No matter what program is chosen, students leave MCC with the leading-edge skills needed by today’s manufacturers.

“I think colleges are a backbone of what the manufacturers need. A majority of the people at the manufacturing sites are from the community college system.”
— Robert Torrani
CT Center for Advanced Technology

The college’s non-credit programs are both modular and stackable and are offered multiple times during the year, while the credit courses follow the traditional semester calendar. In either case, students can choose how many courses to take at once and can advance at a pace that fits their needs.

In the manufacturing programs at Manchester Community College, students learn principles and also how to apply them in hands-on practice. Both traditional and state-of-the-art methods are taught, and students have access to computerized classrooms with the most current manufacturing software, as well as a well-equipped machine lab. MCC’s manufacturing program boasts a low student-to-teacher ratio, allowing the instructional team to carefully monitor the progress of each student.

Students pursuing non-credit certificates are encouraged to participate in an internship. Once students are ready for internships, the college offers support to the companies welcoming these students, as well as to the students themselves.

The college is dedicated to providing students with comprehensive preparation so they can hit the ground running once they’re hired. By partnering with local manufacturers and other industry leaders, MCC can assure students that its programs are relevant and that they are filling today’s manufacturing needs.

“Attending the Precision Manufacturing Program at Manchester Community College is the best career decision I have ever made. MCC made me more marketable by giving me essential tools to secure my future. The instructors were all very knowledgeable and resourceful in assisting me in pursuing my career goals. They were always willing to help me with questions I had and provide me with a widespread view of what the field has to offer. I am now working at the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, and MCC made that possible.”
— Samuel Springer, Graduate

Samuel Springer is a graduate from the MCC Precision Machining Certificate program and successfully obtained a position with a recognized technology company in the Manchester area.