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Through the library instruction program, the library teaching staff educate students to be critical thinkers so that they can evaluate the merit and validity of any information identified in the course of the research process. Library instruction classes are given at the request of a faculty member and the class is taught by one of the reference librarians. The length and content of the library research lectures are tailored to the needs of each class.

If you’re looking for ideas to teach research skills, take a look at our Information Literacy Toolkit.

Getting the most from your Library Instruction Session:

  • Request your session at least two weeks in advance (the earlier the better, as the schedule fills up quickly)
  • Timing is important. Our experience has shown that scheduling the library instruction class a few weeks prior to the due date of the research paper is the most effective timing in order for the students to retain and use the information.
  • Plan to attend the session. Students take note when their instructor is present at a library instruction session (and when one is not).
  • Share your class research assignment with the librarian at least one week prior to the session.
  • Convey to the librarian where your students will be in the research process at the time of the library instruction, for example:
    • Research assignment has not been introduced.
    • Research assignment has been introduced; students are considering different topics to research; have begun searching on their own.
    • Students have chosen topics and are receptive to learning about new resources.

    Preferred Dates

    If there is only one date available in your schedule for library instruction, please either make your request before the start or early in the semester in order to secure the date.

    Preferred Time(s) of Day

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    The library offers the following types of library instruction:

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