Library Staff

Contact and Staff Information

Circulation (Main): 860-512-2880
Reference: 860-512-2883 or
Fax: 860-512-2871

Library and Educational Technology Staff

Name Function Email Address Phone #
Debbie Herman Director, Library & Educational Technology 860-512-2872
Rabia Asad Circulation Assistant (part-time) 860-512-2880
Yoli Bergstrom-Lynch Research & Instruction Librarian 860-512-2874
Timothy Boto Assistant Director, Educational Technology & Distance Learning 860-512-2852
Christi Geisinger Library Associate, Interlibrary Loan/Open Computer Lab 860-512-2886
Geeta Khade Circulation Assistant (part-time) 860-512-2880
Kristin Lavoie Reference/Instruction Librarian (part-time) 860-512-2883
Mike Michno Circulation Assistant (part-time) 860-512-2880
Maritza Morales Library Assistant, Circulation 860-512-2887
Paula Pini Associate Director, Library
Reference Librarian 860-512-2877
Melissa Rivera Library Associate, Serials/Acquisitions 860-512-2884
David Tang Educational Technology Assistant (part-time) 860-512-2856
Zhijiang Zhang Librarian, Systems/Acquisitions/Cataloging 860-512-2875