College Archives

MCC Students in Lab, undated

MCC Students in Lab, undated

Campus Construction Photo, 1971

Campus Construction, 1971



The Raymond F. Damato Library is home to the College Archives, a repository that details the history of the institution.  In this unique collection of primary documents, researchers will find a rich trove of photos, images, newspaper clippings, reports, minutes, records and other important documentation from the college’s departments.  The collection reflects the evolving history of Manchester Community College and includes the Manchester Board of Education minutes dating to the inception of the college in 1960 through the founding of Great Path Academy. Records from the President/CEO Office; Academic Affairs; Student Affairs; Administrative Affairs; Continuing Education; Planning, Research and Assessment; Institutional Advancement; HR/Affirmative Action, records of governance organizations/councils and committees, Faculty/staff, the MCC Foundation, Great Path Academy and the Institute of Local History are represented in the Archives.

The Archives are open by appointment only. Please call the Reference Desk at 860-512-2883 to make an appointment . You can also email a reference librarian.

Scope and Focus

The purpose of the MCC Archives is to document the teaching, research, community service, and administrative functions of Manchester Community College and to document student life. This goal is accomplished by collecting the historically significant records of the college. In selecting records for the Manchester Community College Archives, priority is given to materials that meet one of the following criteria:

  • Records that reflect the development and growth of the campus.
  • Records that reflect the development and activities of campus offices and committees.
  • Minutes, memoranda, and reports of all major academic and administrative committees.
  • Accreditation reports and supporting documentation.
  • Annual budgets and audit reports.
  • Departmental/divisional records, including minutes and reports.
  • Records of the registrar such as enrollment reports, and graduation rosters.
  • Faculty publications, including scholarly articles, books, conference sessions, surveys, musical scores, and recordings, recordings of theatrical productions, recordings of panel discussions, works of visual art.
  • Records of student organizations and affairs.
  • All publications, newsletters, or booklets distributed in the name of the college including: catalogs, special bulletins, yearbooks, student newspapers, college directories and faculty/staff rosters.
  • Audiovisual materials documenting the development of the institution such as still photographs and negatives, films, oral history interviews, and audio or video tapes.
  • Audiovisual recordings of fine arts productions and performances on campus.
  • Maps, blueprints, and plot plans documenting physical growth and development.
  • Artifacts relating to the history of Manchester Community College.
  • Press releases pertaining to Manchester Community College.
  • State and local reports regarding Manchester Community College.
  • Documents of the MCC Foundation and the Institute of Local History records (Oral History Project).
  • Programs for convocations, awards, lectures, etc.
  • Materials pertaining to Commencement.
  • Materials pertaining to special events at MCC such as its annual wine auction, festivals and open houses.

Records not appropriate for the Manchester Community College Archives include records which generally should not be transferred but scheduled for proper disposal:

  • Records of specific financial transactions.
  • Routine letters of transmittal and acknowledgment.
  • Non-personally addressed correspondence such as “Deans and Directors” memoranda (except for one record copy from the issuing office).
  • Requests for publications or information after the requests have been filled.
  • Replies to questionnaires if the results are recorded and preserved.
  • Many copies of documents. Please give only two copies of the same document.
  • Documents that do not pertain to Manchester Community College.

Use Policy

The Manchester Community College Archives is open to students, faculty and staff of the college, and outside researchers with a stated and approved research project. Archives materials are non-circulating. Records may not be removed from the Archives but can be examined on site.

The Archives is open by appointment only. Please contact a Reference Librarian at 860-512-2883 to make an appointment.

If you plan to use a large amount of materials, we appreciate advance notice to prepare for your visit.

All users must agree to the following terms of use:

  • All researchers will be asked to complete a Research Registration Form and present a valid form of photo identification, e.g., driver’s license, passport or student ID.
  • Coats, hats, handbags, briefcases, or other large cases or bags, and all other personal property not essential to research must be placed in a designated area away from the reading area.
  • No food or beverages are allowed in the Archives or the designated reading area.
  • Notes must be taken with pencils. The use of pens and ink of any kind is prohibited. Portable computers may be used.
  • Users may not write on, mark, or in any other way alter archival materials.
  • Users may only examine one box or item at a time.
  • Please maintain the exact order and arrangement of documents in a folder. If you discover a filing error, call it to the attention of a staff member. Please do not rearrange items yourself. Notify staff when photocopies are required.
  • Do not remove items from folders.
  • Please handle items with care. Do not fold, write on, or otherwise damage the papers.


  • Photocopying, scanning and photo reproduction are available for a fee. Requests for photocopies or photo reproductions must be submitted on the Reproduction Order Form.
  • Personal reproduction tools, including personal cameras, smart phones, or other mobile devices must be approved by staff.
  • Staff reserves the right to prohibit the copying of materials that are deemed too fragile for the process or for any other reason including, but not limited to, size of material, donor restrictions, privacy matters, known copyright restrictions, etc.
  • Users assume responsibility for adherence to copyright laws, libel or literary property rights applicable to material use. (The copyright law of the United States, Title 17 U.S. Code, applies to materials in the collections). The patron agrees further to indemnify Manchester Community College against any damages incurred through misuse of material protected by federal copyright law.
  • Materials may not be published, in full or in part, without the written permission of the Library Director or the Dean of Academic and Student Affairs.