Institute for Community Engagement and Outreach

Manchester Community College engages in partnerships with the fifteen communities surrounding its campus and beyond. MCC offers and responds to requests for education, career placement, service learning, training, programming, service projects and technical assistance designed to enrich the economic, civic and cultural lives of area residents and prosperity of our businesses.

One of the goals for the Institute for Community Engagement is to sustain existing partnerships and form new relationships.

The Institute for Community Engagement consists of the following four centers to support our service district:

ICEO Divisions

Public Policy and Service Center (PPSC)

PPSC provides a forum for dialogue with local, state and national legislative representatives, public officials and agencies to share up-to-date information. PPSC is home to the Manchester Political Union Student Club, the college’s Regional Advisory Council and Legislative Advocacy.

Additionally, PPSC also offers a comprehensive selection of customized training programs for state and local employees. PPSC provides classroom and online training to staff from all state agencies and to employees of nearby municipalities, including teachers and law enforcement personnel

Business and Economic Development Center (BEDC)

BEDC is committed to the economic growth and vitality of its region. Through collaborative partnerships, workforce development, training activities, co-ops, internships and other educational opportunities, the college and the center remain committed to understanding and serving the business and economic needs of its community.

Community Partnerships Center (CPC)

CPC is a source of experts on relevant topics of academic or public interest. CPC partners to build stronger affiliations in our region to fulfill civic responsibility in our region.

Educational Partnerships Center (EPC)

EPC is committed to achieving academic excellence through building and nurturing relationships with its communities through scholarships, service learning, and social responsibility. This commitment helps connect our on-campus learning with the real needs of its community. MCC strives to sustain programs and initiatives that improve the quality, accessibility and affordability of higher education; and advance the economic and educational life of students. These important connections and collaborations enhance student development and achievement at both the college and K–12 levels, making educational success a reality.

For more information about the Institute for Community Engagement and Outreach, or to partner with us on future events, please contact Sara Vincent at 860-512-3103 or