Hartford Consortium for Higher Education

Manchester Community College offers its students the opportunity to cross-register for courses at HCHE member institutions. In addition to MCC, the HCHE members are:

There are courses available in many departments.  Courses are available on a space-available basis. Full credit is available and generally there are no extra fees. Students must obtain advisor approval to take a course through the Hartford Consortium and will need to complete the Consortium Registration form in the Registrar’s Office.

There are certain eligibility requirements that students must meet to enroll in courses at other campuses. Full-time undergraduate are permitted to take courses in fall and spring, but may be limited in the types of courses they can take. Students must check with their advisor before undertaking any cross-registration.

For a list of the courses available for cross-registration and for the list of requirements and restrictions go to the Hartford Consortium for Higher Education website.

Visiting Students

Students enrolling at Manchester Community College from other member institutions are limited to what courses are allowed under the consortium. Students must provide a full-time schedule and paid bill in order to register.  Registration is offered on space available only.  Cross-registration students are only allowed to register beginning the day before classes begin.  CSCU students can register at any time.