Barbara Solomon

Artist Statement

The art of coiling a basket involves hours of slow meditative labor. Yet, it is a labor of love, which can be compared to birthing a child. The core element, which is the cord that flows through the whole basket, connects the basket maker to the vessel. Through this core element, which is physically like an umbilical cord, the basket flows and takes shape. The creator continually communicates with the basket, breathing life into new form.

In my work I strive to have the linen fiber medium embody a message of artistic merit, thus creating a spiritual life inherent in the basket. As the basket develops, the artist transmits a part of her inner self to her work. The exploration of this communication between artist and maturing sculpture is a study of the unconscious that slows me to delve into myself as both craftsperson and artist.

My baskets are a product of who I am. They are containers for my soul. The sculptures become a recorded history of my inner life. As containers they hold my secrets and my vulnerabilities, which I am often not able or willing to reveal to my conscious self or to others.

I see myself as an artist and sculptor communicating both a personal and universal message. It is not important that the viewer know or understand the message, What is important is that others can relate to my work in their own way. Ultimately, it is vital that the viewer be able to have quiet intimate dialogue with the artwork.

Coiling works for me on many levels. As creator and mother nurturer of my pieces, I constantly remain connected to my work through the umbilical cord, which acts as the core element in the work. Symbolically, the umbilical cord feeds and nurtures the work through its birthing process, as well as nurturing the maker.

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