Program of Studies

The Manchester Community College Community

The Manchester Community College community serves over 7,000 full and part-time credit students of all ages, races, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds. The college library resources and collections are extensive, allowing students to research and write with contemporary resources and state-of-the-art technology.


College Coursework

GPA’s unique relationship with and location on Manchester Community College’s campus allows for students to have the opportunity to attend MCC college courses and earn college credit. Students must first be academically eligible (B or higher grade averages) and behaviorally eligible in order to qualify to be invited to take the Accuplacer assessment (Resources on preparation for the Accuplacer assessment test). This can be as early as the end of their freshman year in high school. Many GPA students strive towards this achievement. Once students have been placed into levels by this assessment, they are able to attend up to two college courses, tuition-free, a semester, concurrently with their high school coursework.

English Language Arts Department

The mission of the English Language Arts Department is to think critically about texts and communicate effectively through written and verbal response. Through analyzing historical and modern pieces of literature, students will be able to connect the relevance of material to today’s society. It is the goal of the English Department to develop college ready students that seek to make advancement in society and change the world.

English I 2019-2020 summer reading for incoming grade 9 students

2019-2020 Course Offerings (detailed English and Language Arts course descriptions).

English I*, English II*, American Literature*, College Prep Writing Lab , College Writing , Drama

* indicates honors section of the course

Mathematics Department

Three-Fold Mission Statement of the Great Path Academy Mathematics Department:

1. Ensure students leave each class with the numerical, algebraic, and geometric skills necessary for solving the problems required by the Common Core Standards.

2. Instill the habits of mathematical practice including:

  • Making sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
  • Reasoning abstractly and quantitatively.
  • Constructing viable arguments and critiquing the reasoning of others.
  • Modeling with mathematics.
  • Using appropriate tools strategically
  • Attending to precision.
  • Looking for and making use of structure.
  • Looking for and expressing regularity in repeated reasoning.

3. Develop students’ understanding that mastery of each lesson’s objective will lead to success in their current mathematics class, their future classes (in all disciplines, both secondary and collegiate) and eventually their chosen career.

2019-2020 Course Offerings (detailed Mathematics course descriptions).

Algebra, Geometry, Geometry Honors, Algebra II, Algebra II Honors, Pre-Calculus, Statistics

School Counseling Department

Students benefits from low counselor and social worker to student ratios. A developmental curriculum is followed during the students Middle College Experience (MCE) Course so that students and parents are supported as they research and select post-secondary educational opportunities. The guidance office also provides assistance to parents as they navigate the college application process as well as how to meet the financial costs.


To facilitate a successful transition to GPA and establish a solid foundation for college readiness, students in our Freshman Academy are scheduled to take their core courses daily. We have welcomed Freshmen here to Great Path Academy in order to properly prepare them for the college coursework that awaits them as they proceed through their years here at Great Path Academy. To coincide with direct college courses offered through Manchester Community College, sophomore, junior and senior courses meet either Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays with alternating Fridays for 80-minute sessions. Great Path Academy has an “A” Day and a “B” Day for class schedules. The high school’s schedule follows the traditional semester model.

Class Rank

Class rank is based on academic performance for grades 9 through 12. The guidance staff selects the top two students for each class based upon their Grade Point Average (GPA). The top student in each class is the valedictorian, the second is the salutatorian.

Marking System

Grades are awarded under the A-F rubric and F is noted for averages below 60. Academic performance is assessed quarterly. Students and parents receive progress reports after eight weeks of school work. Some courses, such as core courses, are one year courses, while electives are half year courses. Grades are reported on a semester basis for all courses, credits are awarded as the courses complete their entire time taken. Report cards are mailed home at the end of each semester. Students at Great Path Academy will have an unweighted grade point average. Parents stay informed on their child’s progress through a variety of methods, such as phone calls, memos and notes sent home, as well as access to the Parent Portal for Powerschool.

Science Department

The mission of the GPA Science Department is to prepare students to become scientifically literate citizens of the 21st century by providing an innovative, engaging learning environment. In all of our courses, students are expected to do outside-of-class work to prepare them for in-class learning experiences.  We strive to utilize modern technology resources to teach our students essential concepts and then push them to expand upon those concepts as critical thinkers.

2019-2020 Course Offerings (detailed Science course descriptions).

Integrate Science, Biology, Honors Biology, Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, *Genetics 0.5 / Forensics 0.5, Anatomy and Physiology, *Articulated Anatomy and Physiology (MCC Human Biology 115)

*Special course set as science elective that may be continued in future years based on success and interest/enrollment

Please contact Ms. Thurrott with any questions!

Social Studies Department

The mission of the Social Studies Department is to prepare students to become 21st century global citizens.  Through students acquiring knowledge from the past and analyzing the modern world, they will be able to examine the world through multiple perspectives and develop the skills to become critical thinkers to enhance the world we live in.


Summarize President Kennedy’s Inaugural Address

Read and Complete Comprehension Quiz
Read and Complete Comprehension Quiz

2019-20 Course Offerings (detailed Social Studies course descriptions).

Civics*, Geography*, Modern World History/International Studies*, Psychology*, Sociology*, U.S. History*

* indicates honors section of the course

**Criminology alternates with Psychology/Sociology every other year.

Unified Arts Department

The Great Path Academy Unified Arts Department consists of Art, Music, Drama, Health and Nutrition, Computer Technology, Culinary and Physical Education. In order to support the overall Great Path Academy school mission of nurturing life-long learners that are college-ready and world-ready, we strive to teach the whole student.  Culturally enriching the lives of the Great Path Academy learning community is vital to providing students with the tools to create their own lens with which to view the world and make it a better place.

To explore our programs further, please visit the Unified Arts Department website.

Course Offerings (detailed Unified Arts course descriptions).

Graphic Art, Art I, Introduction to Studio Arts, Honors Art History, Ceramics I, Ceramics II, Culinary Arts I, Culinary Arts II, Bakeshop I, Team Sports, Strength and Conditioning, Health Education, Health in the 21st Century, Vocal Ensemble, Music Technology, Music Appreciation, Piano, Graphic Design, Computer Applications, Media Technology, Programming Foundations, Spanish I-V, Small Business Management, Personal Finance

*Certain courses alternate years offered, please see GPA’s current brochure, available in the main office, for the current course offerings.