Great Path Academy

As part of the Manchester Community College campus, Great Path Academy encourages college-ready high school students to become immersed in the college environment and in college coursework. This college immersion creates a close learning community for Great Path students. Students may earn up to 30 college credits while taking advantage of the resources a college campus has to offer – from theatrical performances and state-of-the-art research laboratories to tutoring programs and career counseling.

Real-world learning experiences such as career-oriented classes, internships, and community service help prepare students for professional life. Students also gain confidence in their ability to write, research, and think analytically as they prepare to apply to colleges and universities.

Educators focus on each student, providing personalized and innovative learning to help students make meaning of knowledge. A high standard for each learner encourages students to challenge themselves and direct their own educational goals. Based on the 2010-11 enrollment data, the school meets the state integration standard.

Special Features and Highlights

  • Partnership with Manchester Community College
  • Tuition-free college courses
  • Small, personalized learning community
  • Emphasis on leadership, community service, and mentoring
  • Internships and service learning opportunities

To learn more about Great Path Academy, visit the Great Path Academy informational website.