Non-Degree Student

Whether your goal is to obtain a degree, transfer to a four-year college or university, learn new skills for job advancement or simply take a course for your own personal enrichment, you can make it happen at MCC.

I am a Non-degree Student 

A student who is interested in enrolling in individual credit courses but not interested in pursuing a degree or certificate program. Students will typically select these courses for personal enrichment, to learn new skills for job advancement or because they need the course to transfer to a four-year college or university. Non-degree students are not eligible to receive financial aid or Veterans benefits and are limited to taking under 12 credits per semester.  

Step 1: Apply for Admission 

Students may obtain, apply and submit their completed application online at myCommNet, the college’s online student information system.

Students are required to be in-state legal residents for a period of one full year prior to the date of the first class of the semester to receive the in-state tuition rate, The Admissions office may require proof of residency. 

Step 2: Take the Assessment Test/Submit SAT Scores 

English and mathematics assessment tests are required for all non-degree students after they have been accepted for admission. Tests must be taken prior to registration as the results will help determine your proper placement in college-level English and mathematics.  After you receive your acceptance letter, which will include your Banner student ID number, go online to schedule an assessment test appointment

An exemption to taking the assessment test may be granted for the following:

  • Completion of a college English composition or college mathematics course with a grade of “C-” or better (a copy of the official college transcript/grade report is required as verification).
  • Achieving the minimum or above SAT scores. 

Exemptions may be applied for via the Assessment Test Exemption form and are approved through the Admissions office, SSC L156. For partial testing — English only or mathematics only — the approved exemption form must be presented to the test administrator before testing. The approved test exemption form must also be presented during registration.

Note: If you have taken courses at another school, please make sure to send a copy of your official transcript to the Admissions office. You may be able to waive the assessment test requirement based on previous courses taken. 

Step 3: Sign Up for Next Step Advising and Register for Classes 

Non-degree students who wish to speak with an academic advisor and register for classes can do so during Next Step Advising. To register for a session, go to Next Step Advising

Course registration is also available through myCommNet.

Step 4: Pay for College 

For the Fall/Spring semesters, tuition is due 21 days prior to the start of the semester.  After the tuition due date, payment is required within 24 hours of registration.

For the Winter/Summer sessions, payment is required at the time of registration.

Payments can be made online through myCommNet or in person at the Bursar’s office, SSC L165.  A secure night deposit box and envelopes are available for payments made after the office is closed. Students who have applied for/are receiving financial aid should ensure that they have met all requirements/accepted their financial aid award prior to the tuition due date.

Payment plans are also available for students registered for the Fall and Spring semesters.

Please visit Paying for College for more information.

Important: Payment is due within 24 hours of registration. Failure to pay tuition and fees within this time may result in your classes being canceled.