Scholarship FAQs

Find answers to our most frequently asked scholarship questions below. 

How do I know if I am eligible to apply for a scholarship?

New and returning students who are enrolled in a degree or certificate program are eligible to apply for a scholarship from MCC Foundation.

How do I apply?

Current and returning students: Fall 2018 scholarships must be applied for online. You can click here to begin your application.

Recent high school graduates: Please contact or call Nancy DiGiacomo at 860-512-2905 for the paper application.

Where can I get assistance with my application?

Questions on the Application:
Email or call Nancy DiGiacomo at 860-512-2905.

Help with Writing the Essay:
Staff at the walk-in Writing Center within the Academic Support Center are available to assist students with completing their essay. There is no cost for assistance. Visit the Writing Center in SSC L282 or call 860-512-2610 for hours and to learn more.

Help with Getting Your Financial Aid Documents:
The Financial Aid office can assist students with applying for financial aid and retrieving financial aid documents needed to apply for scholarships. Visit the office in L177, email or call 860-512-3380 to learn more.

How are scholarship awards determined?

A scholarship committee reviews all of the applications, which are scored based on GPA, essay, community involvement and references. The amount of each award will take into consideration the number of credits that each student is registered for. Additionally, if the applications is submitted on the basis of financial need, the level of financial need will be considered as well.

What if I have financial aid?

In many cases, students who are receiving financial aid are still eligible for a scholarship. Scholarship awards take into consideration your financial need based on your total tuition and financial need, taking into consideration any financial aid and grants you may be receiving.

If you have a full Pell Grant, you may want to consider applying for an academic merit-based scholarship. Financial need-based awards will be granted first to students whose need exceeds their financial aid.  

What if I maxed out my financial aid?

Students who have exhausted their financial aid resources are encouraged to apply. Students can apply based on financial need (documentation will be requested) or academic merit.

What if I am an international student?

International students enrolled in a degree or certificate program are typically eligible and encouraged to apply for MCC Foundation scholarships.

How much tuition will an MCC Foundation scholarship cover?

Most scholarship awards range from $250 to $1500.

Can scholarship awards be used for books and supplies?

Some of the scholarships have this flexibility, but not all of them. There are limited funds for this through Student Affairs. 

What if I already have a bachelor's degree?

If you are enrolled in a degree or certificate program at MCC, you are encouraged to apply for a scholarship through MCC Foundation, regardless of your previous educational achievements.

When will I receive the scholarship funds?

Scholarship funds are generally posted to student accounts within two weeks after the last add/drop date for the semester.

What happens if I leave MCC or reduce the classes I take?

In some cases, the number of credits a student indicates that they plan to take differs from the total credits for which they register. In these cases scholarship award amounts may be adjusted accordingly.

I am unable to take classes this semester. Can I hold my scholarship for a future semester?

If for some reason you are unable to take classes at MCC but were awarded a scholarship, you may submit a written request for a hold. Holds are not guaranteed and are limited to one semester.

What if I am enrolled at at another school and satisfying requirements at MCC?

If you are attending a different “home school” but fulfilling requirements at MCC, you must be enrolled in six credits or more at MCC to be eligible for a scholarship award. Scholarship funds can only be applied to MCC tuition.

Are scholarships available for the summer session?

While scholarships are available for the summer semester, they only apply to tuition and any overage is returned to the Foundation.

What if I have a balance on my account from a previous semester?

If you have a balance on your account, you should make an appointment to see us in person. This is handled on a case-by-case basis. You can contact Diana Reid at 860-512-2909 or