Scholarship Donations

The MCC Scholarship Committee, a committee of college faculty and staff and friends of the college, reviews all applications for scholarship aid, identifying those students who best meet the criteria set forth by the scholarship donors.

The MCC General Scholarship Fund

Each year, gifts of varying sizes are made by friends of the college to the MCC General Scholarship Fund. The principal of the fund is held in endowment, and a portion of the interest earned on the principal is allocated for scholarships of differing amounts for deserving students. The scholarships may be need- or merit-based, and awards may be given to incoming or continuing students.

Donors to the MCC General Scholarship Fund can be assured that their gifts are used where the scholarship need is greatest. Applicants are carefully screened by the committee to insure that the most deserving students receive scholarship aid.

Each fall, MCC’s scholarship recipients are recognized at the annual Scholarship Reception, an event where family, friends and scholarship donors gather to celebrate excellence at the college.

The MCC Named Scholarship Program

Scores of Manchester Community College students have discovered that they have a friend they have never met, a friend who provides a pat on the back and a much needed financial boost, and who lets them know that someone cares about their struggles to earn a college degree while juggling the many demands community college students face.

Who are these friends? They are donors to the MCC Named Scholarship Program.

Named scholarships may honor or memorialize a friend or loved one, celebrate a graduation or anniversary, commemorate a birth or wedding or thank a favorite professor or family member. Named scholarships may be funded either annually or endowed; in the latter, the principal is invested in perpetuity and a portion of the earnings on those investments is available for scholarships each year. In both cases, the MCC Foundation administers the scholarships according to the donor’s wishes.

Yearly donations to an MCC named scholarship can range from $250 to $1,000 or more. Awards may be based on financial need, academic merit, course of study, hometown or other parameters that the donor chooses.

An endowed scholarship fund makes scholarship awards based upon the annual earnings of the fund’s principal. Endowed scholarships can be established for as little as $10,000 (for a partial scholarship) or $25,000 or more for a full scholarship, which would provide under today’s fee structure enough for a semester’s tuition, fees and books for a deserving student.