Ways to Give

There are a variety of ways to give to the MCC Foundation Capital Campaign. The following information can help you decide which way to give may be best for you. Simply call us at 860-512-2902 or visit MCCgiving.org to support us today.

You can support our capital campaign today by clicking here.


Benefit: A quick and simple way to make a gift that is an income tax deduction and a reduction in your taxable estate.
How? Simply write a check or provide credit card information.


Benefit: An immediate charitable deduction of full fair market value and avoidance of capital gains tax.
How? Contribute appreciated stock or other securities.

Bequest through a Will or Trust*

Benefit: Does not reduce your current assets and may reduce estate taxes.
How? Contact your attorney, financial advisor or estate planner to determine the best way for you to make a charitable bequest through your will or living trust.

Life Insurance*

Benefit: Make a significant gift with little cost to yourself. It’s also a current income tax deduction.
How? Contribute a new or current life insurance policy.

Charitable Lead Trust*

Benefit: Reduces your taxable estate and property is kept by your family, often with reduced gift taxes.
How? Create a charitable trust that pays fixed or variable income to MCC Foundation for a specific term of years. The principal is retained for your heirs.

Charitable Gift Annuity*

Benefit: Current and future savings on income taxes with fixed payments for life; partially tax-free.
How? Contract through a reputable charitable annuity broker on behalf of the MCC foundation to set up an annuity that pays a set amount for one or two individuals. The remainder will benefit MCC foundation.

Charitable Remainder Trust*

Benefit:  Diversify assets, avoid or defer capital gains tax and remove taxable assets from estate.
How? Create a charitable trust that pays fixed or variable income to yourself and/or others for a specific term of years. The principal ultimately goes to MCC Foundation.

Retirement Distribution*

Benefit: In addition to income tax savings at the time of the contribution, assets then build tax-free. Assets held in tax-favored retirement plans are not subject to income tax until they are withdrawn.
How? Notify the foundation of your intention to transfer your gift and instruct your broker to transfer your gift to MCC Foundation.

Matching Gifts

Benefit: Receive credit for matching gifts provided by your or your spouse’s employer.
How? Submit matching gift paperwork to your/your spouse’s employer, and provide a copy of the paperwork with this gift agreement to MCC Foundation.

 *You are encouraged to speak with your financial advisor or attorney about tax benefits prior to setting up these types of planned gifts.