Annual Impact Report

Message from the Foundation President

Dear Friends of MCC, 

Over the past year, your generosity has made had an incredible impact on the lives of MCC students, providing more than 500 students with scholarships and tuition assistance.  

You also helped to provide emergency funding for students on the verge of dropping out due to sudden and significant personal challenges brought on by the coronavirus. 

Because of you, MCC Foundation was able to respond nimbly to the needs of our students. In particularyour generosity made it possible to address the emergent and critical need of MCC students for personal technology such as laptops and internet access. These resources became critical to ensuring educational equity as students moved to remote learning in the wake of the shutdown. 

We are grateful to you for making all of this possible.  

As the state faces the on-going challenge of reopeningthe support and generosity of foundation donors will make more of a difference than ever before. And though the needs of our community may shift, our mission has not – we are committed to helping MCC students succeed, with your help. 

As you reflect on the past year, I hope you will sense the incredible impact your generosity has had on so many deserving students. As we look forward, we will renew our commitment to the important work that assists the students of MCC.. 


Rosemarie Papa
President, MCC Foundation 

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