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Fall 2021 Classes begin August 26.

Students who are completing their degree requirements in Fall 2021 should complete a Graduation Application by October 15.

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Registrars staff:

Academic Engagement Policy

CSCU’s Policy on Grading, Notations, and Academic Engagement requires colleges to formally drop students who do NOT begin participation in each class by a certain date each term. You must begin to actively engage in your classes, or you will be dropped.

Faculty will take note of students that have not met the requirements for academic engagement. The Registrar’s office will drop students from courses in which they have not clearly demonstrated academic engagement as previously defined.

Academic engagement has a direct impact on both financial Aid and veterans’ benefits, as well as registering for future terms.  Therefore, if you receive either of these funding sources it is imperative you are academically engaged in ALL your courses.

Questions about this policy may be directed to your instructor, the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Office, or to the Registrar’s Office.  You may also view this quick video to understand academic engagement  or review the policy document.

The following does not count as academic engagement or active participation:

  • Logging into an online class without active participation; or
  • Participating in academic counseling or advising.

Credit/No Credit Policy

It is important to not that, as part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Connecticut Community College students will have the option to convert any grades they earn in classes completed during the  Fall 2020, winter session 2020 and spring 2021term to Credit for Transfer (CRT) / Credit (CR) / No Credit (NCE) grading. This option does not apply to courses for which a student applied for and received an incomplete.

Students can apply through myCommNet for CRT/CR/NCE grades for all courses completed in fall 2020, winter session 2020, and spring 2021 terms during the dates noted below or until a credential is awarded, whichever date is earlier.

For courses completed Fall 2020: application is open between between December 23, 2020  and January 8, 2021 or until a credential is awarded, whichever is earlier.

For courses completed Winter 2020: application is open between January 25 and February 8 or until a credential is awarded, whichever is earlier.

For courses completed Spring 2021: application is open between May  25 and June 8 or until a credential is awarded, whichever is earlier.

There are many things to consider before choosing this option:

  • Students can apply up to 15 credits of “CR”, “CRT”, or “Pass” grades to a degree.
  • If you are applying for entrance into a specialized program this option may not meet the eligibility requirements for that program.
  • Courses for which students earn a “CR” grade count for general education courses but may not meet major course or prerequisite requirements.
  • A “CRT” grade will transfer and apply to major and general education requirements at any CSCU institution with or without the completion of an associate degree in most cases. There may be exceptions for how a course applies to major requirements in specialized or selective admission programs.
  • Courses for which students earn a CR grade will transfer to a CSCU institution with a completed associate degree, although applicability of a CR may vary in programs that require a grade of C or above in specific courses.
  • Courses for which students earn an “NCE” grade will not fulfill any requirements.
  • CRT, CR, and NCE grades will not have an impact on the student’s GPA.

Students are encouraged to speak with their advisor with any questions, or go to for more information.

Student Services Center, L157
860-512-3220 (phone)
860-512-3221 (fax) (email)

To meet with an advisor:

New students:  You should have received an email from the Admissions Office with your placement.  Please view the New Student Orientation page for more information.

Registering for Classes

There are four academic registration periods: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.
Fall and Spring: General fund courses run for 16 weeks in a semester format. Credit extension courses run for eight weeks in two blocks: Session I during the first eight weeks of the semester and Session II runs the second eight weeks of the semester. There is also a 12-week accelerated session offered during both the fall and spring.

Winter: Accelerated credit extension courses run for three weeks in between the fall and spring semesters.

Summer: Accelerated credit extension courses run for three, six and eight weeks with start dates in May, June and July.

Registration times vary depending on the student and the semester. For a detailed schedule, please refer to the academic calendar.

New students can register for classes once they have attended New Student Orientation. Transfer students are not required to meet with an advisor for program and/or course selection but may schedule a meeting by calling Advising and Counseling Services at 860-512-3320. Students interested in transferring credits to MCC should have their prior college transcript evaluated in the Admissions office before meeting with an advisor. Please bring the preliminary evaluation with you to your advising meeting.

Students who are not pursuing a degree or certificate at MCC, plan to register for 11 credits or fewer, have an assessment test exemption, and/or meet all the requirements for testing and immunizations can register online or in person.


Add/drop can be done online through myCommNet, normally through the first week of classes for the full semester course.  For accelerated classes that meet less than the full 15 week semester, add/drop ends before the classes begin. You can read more about the withdrawal policy on the withdrawal/refund page.


Information for requesting college transcripts can be found on the Transcript Request page.

How to Register Online

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your NetID   and password
  3. Click on “Banner Student & Faculty Self-Service”
  4. Click on “Registration/Schedule”
  5. Click on “Class Registration”
  6. Follow instructions for “Register for Classes” or “Drop Classes” (View video for step-by-step instructions)
  7. Click on “View Schedule” at bottom of page to confirm registration
  8. Follow prompts to initiate payment
  9. Log off

How to View Grades

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your NetID   and password
  3. Click on “Banner Student & Faculty Self-Service”
  4.  Click on “Student Records”
  5.  Click on “Grades/Registration History” or “View Unofficial Transcripts”
  6.  Log off

How to Print Your Class Schedule

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your NetID and password
  3. Go to “Banner Student & Faculty Self-Service”
  4. Click on “Registration/Schedule”
  5. Click on “Student Schedule”
  6. View/Print your schedule using your web browser’s print function
  7. Log off

Instructional Methods

In response to COVID-19, the Connecticut State Community Colleges have added a number of different ways that classes may be taught, both on-ground and online. You can learn more about these methods on the Safe Learning Options page.

Student Email

Student email accounts are issued to all new credit students. The student email address is the only email by which the college and your instructors will communicate with you. Visit the “Student Email” channel located within the “Student” tab on myCommNet for more information.

Apply for Graduation

The deadline dates for applying for graduation are:

      • For May graduation, the deadline date is March 15.
      • For August graduation, the deadline date is July 15.
      • For December graduation, the deadline date is October 15.

Students who are eligible for graduation should complete an application; however, if you have questions regarding your courses or program, you should see an advisor, and for any questions regarding the application process, please email Degree Auditor Eugenia Weaver.

Graduation applications are available online. For more information, visit the Path to Graduation webpage, which provides answers to frequently asked questions and resources for all students as you prepare for graduation and a successful transition after college.

For information on how to apply and register, visit the Getting Started page or view the course schedule. For important dates and key deadlines, please refer to the academic calendar.

myCommNet is an online resource for students looking to review some of their current confidential information (e.g. current class schedule, grades, academic history, account balance). Returning students are able to register online at myCommNet, so it is beneficial for students to familiarize themselves with this site.