Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

Looking for a job? Have you been laid off? Are you seeking new skills? Learn more about this special program to help pay for college.

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) federal funds are available in Connecticut to:

  • Help job seekers access employment, education, training and support services to succeed in the labor market.
  • Match employers with the skilled workers they need to compete in the global economy.

For more information, visit the Connecticut Department of Labor.

Benefits of the Program

Manchester Community College has been designated by the Connecticut Department of Labor as a training site to offer approved WIOA education and training programs to eligible individuals, including:

  • Job seekers
  • Laid-off workers
  • Workers seeking new skills

Approved Programs

In collaboration with Capital Workforce Partners, WIOA funds are available to eligible individuals enrolled in the following MCC credit and non-credit programs:

MCC Credit and Non-credit Programs
Credit Degree Programs Manufacturing Engineering Technology*
Credit Certificate Programs Hotel-Tourism
Medical Insurance
Non-credit Programs A+ Certification Exam Preparation
Certified Nurse Aide
Pharmacy Technician
Veterinary Assistant

* Students are also required to apply for financial aid for these programs.

Visit the college’s catalogs for more information about MCC’s credit and non-credit programs.

To Enroll

Students must complete the following steps before they can be officially enrolled as a WIOA-funded student at MCC.

Non-credit students, please complete Step 1 and then go directly to Step 5.

Step 1 – Visit an American Job Center to Establish WIOA Eligibility and Apply for Funding

  • Hartford: 3580 Main St., 860-256-3875
  • New Britain: 260 Lafayette St., 860-566-5790
  • Enfield: 686 Enfield St., 860-745-8097
  • Manchester: 893 Main St., 860-643-2222

Step 2 – Complete the MCC Admission Application and Submit the Following:

  • Provide proof of high school, college or GED graduation.  Acceptable forms are your original high school diploma or an official sealed transcript.
  • Provide proof of immunizations (mumps, measles, rubella and varicella).

Step 3 – Apply for Financial Aid

If you have a bachelor’s degree, you can skip this step.

WIOA funds will only be awarded to students who are NOT eligible to receive federal Pell Grant funds.  Pell Grant eligibility is determined by completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Students Aid). Check the list below that indicates which programs are eligible for a Pell Grant. Students with a bachelor’s degree do not need to apply for financial aid.

Processing of the FAFSA takes approximately two weeks for the online form and six weeks for the hard copy mailed form.  The online form can be accessed at:

To be eligible for financial aid, students must be enrolled/matriculated in a degree program and provide proof of high school graduation, GED or college transcripts. To accept a financial aid award at MCC, visit  myCTState.

  • Priority deadlines for Fall semester financial aid: May 15
  • Priority deadlines for Spring semester financial aid: October 1
  • Deadline for Summer financial aid: April 1

Step 4 – English / Math Exemptions

An exemption may be granted for completion of college English composition or college mathematics courses with a grade of “C” or better (a copy of the college transcript/grade report is required as verification) or achieving a score of 450 or above on the verbal portion of the SAT exam and 500 or better on the math portion of the SAT exam (a copy of scores are required for verification). Exemption request forms are available in the Admissions office, L156.  The approved exemption request form needs to be presented to the test administrator with a photo ID on the testing day.

Step 5 – For Non-credit Students Only:

Once students have met with the WIOA advisor, they need only fill out the non-credit registration form; it can also be found in the back of the non-credit catalog.

Non-credit students may be required to complete a different assessment test.  Please see program descriptions for any specific prerequisite assessment requirements.

Step 6 – Make an Advising Appointment

WIOA students must ensure all required forms are completed, which are provided by their Career Advisor at Capital Workforce Partners (CWP).  When contacting WIOA Site Advisor Caridad Rivera, students should identify as a WIOA student.

Step 7 – Register for Classes

Students may register online once all required WIOA paperwork is completed and signed by all parties at Capital Workforce Partners and MCC’s WIOA Site Advisor.

Students can also contact the Registrar’s Office for any potential registration issues at 860-512-3220.

For More Information/To Make an Advising Appointment

For questions regarding the WIOA process and to make an advising appointment, please contact:

Caridad Rivera, WIOA Site Advisor
Phone: 860-512-3322