Paying for College

At MCC, low tuition and fees and a variety of payment options make achieving your educational goals affordable and attainable. Prior to registration for classes, all students must establish a method of payment. There are many methods of payment and several opportunities for financial aid, scholarships and veterans benefits. Students are encouraged to speak with a representative in the Bursar’s office after registering for classes to ensure their account has been settled.

Important Dates and News

All Semesters

  • MCC uses your current registration schedule to calculate your charges in accordance with CSCU Board of Regents-approved Tuition and Fee Rate Tables. All tuition and fee charges are subject to change by the BOR.
  • While MCC reserves the right to cancel unpaid registrations, as long as your name is on an official roster your account will be charged and you will earn a grade for the course – whether you attended it or not.
  • If you change your mind about taking a course(s) after you register, you are required to officially drop it whether or not you have made payment or have attended. Do not assume that your account will be dropped for non-payment.
  • You will continue to be responsible for all charges until you officially drop the class regardless of your payment status. Dropping a course is the only way to ensure your account will not be charged.
  • Without exception, once your registration is cancelled you won’t be able to re-register unless there is space available in the class.

Summer/Winter Semester

  • Full payment is due when you register.

Spring Semester

  • Installment payment plans are available.
  • Spring – Full payment is due December 28.

Installment Payment Plan Information

(International students are not eligible to sign up for a payment plan – please visit the International Students page for more information)

Spread the cost of your tuition and fees over the term by enrolling in a tuition payment plan using our convenient, easy to use and secure online payment plan system. It’s easy to get started and maintain:

  • Log into Self-Service through myCommNet.
  • Enroll in a tuition payment plan that fits your needs.
  • Authorize a parent, spouse or anyone else you choose to access your account, sign up for a payment plan or make a payment on your behalf.
  • Receive notification sent to your student email as your plan adjusts to changes in your schedule.
  • Pay 25 percent of your tuition bill when you sign up and pay the balance in equal monthly installments through October for fall semester classes (March for spring semester classes).

An installment plan is:

  • Fast and Easy – Log in, pick the plan that best meets your needs and enroll.
  • Secure – Pay online using a credit card, knowing your information is secured using industry-leading security features.
  • Convenient – Receive email notices of any changes to your installment payment amounts. Make a payment anytime, anywhere by accessing your plan through a web browser.
  • Inexpensive – An installment plan is an inexpensive alternative to a student loan or paying by credit card. Pay just a $25 fee in addition to your down payment per semester to enroll in a plan.

Installment Payment Plan and FAQs

Who can enroll? Any credit student enrolled in a regular academic semester.

How much does it cost? The plan costs $25 (non-refundable) and is due when you enroll in a payment plan. A payment equal to 25 percent of your tuition bill is also required at the time you enroll in a payment plan unless your financial aid has been officially awarded. A $15 fee will be charged for each late payment.

When are payments due? Payments are due monthly. The final payment is due in October for fall plans, in March for spring plans. Exact due dates will be provided upon sign-up of the installment plan each semester. Please note: Failure to meet the college’s payment deadlines can subject your entire semester’s registration to cancellation. Without exception, once your registration has been cancelled, you won’t be able to re-register for your classes unless space is available.

Financial Aid

Bursar’s Office

The Bursar’s office manages all students financial accounts including processing payments and refunds, setting up payment plans, applying waivers and billing. For general information, please call 860-512-3640 or visit the Bursar page.

Payments may be made online, in person at the Bursar’s office, SSC L165, or mailed to:

Manchester Community College
Great Path, MS #10
PO Box 1046
Manchester, CT  06045-1046