New Student Orientation

Strongly Encouraged for All New Students and Incoming Transfer Students

Whether you are a new, transfer or readmit student, online New Student Orientation will provide you with information related to academic and campus resources, as well as student support services, to help you acclimate to the campus environment and get the most from your college experience. Complete the orientation by February 10 for Spring 2023; September 22 for Fall 2023. You will receive a certificate of completion once you are done.

Important! Before proceeding to the New Student Orientation,  please visit Welcome to MCC and make sure you have completed the “Next Steps” to finalize your enrollment.

The orientation presents important information about the registration process and is encouraged for all new students and transfer-in students. Once you complete the orientation, you will be able to speak with an advisor to discuss classes for the upcoming semester.

For information about how to log-in, please follow the link below.

New Student Online Orientation Log-in Instructions
Frequently Asked Questions: New Student Online Orientation