New Student Orientation

Required for All New Students and Incoming Transfer Students

An important reminder: Prior to taking the New Student Orientation course,  please visit Welcome to MCC and make sure you have completed the “Next Steps” to finalize your enrollment.

As a new student or incoming transfer student, you are automatically enrolled in the New Student Orientation course.  The course is presented through Blackboard, the online learning tool also used by professors to share course material including lessons, assignments, quizzes and tests. 

The New Student Orientation course covers information about college policies, procedures and services, and provides instruction on how to build an academic schedule that meets your educational goals and aspirations.

It is your responsibility to read all sections of the orientation carefully and at your own pace. Each section includes a mix of  informative videos and links to more information. After you’ve read all sections, you will be asked to take a fun and easy Wrap-Up Quiz.

The content of the orientation comprises:  

Section I: Basics You Need to Know
Section II: Advising, Wellness and Counseling
Section III: Student Resources
Section IV: First Year Support Programs
Section V: Choose Your Major
Section VI:  Build Your Schedule
Wrap-Up Quiz

To get started, follow these three steps:

Step 1: Login to myCommNet.   
Step 2: Go to Blackboard.
Step 3: Link to the MACC New Student Orientation.

Contact Information

For more information and questions, please contact:

Brenda Geitz
New Student Orientation Coordinator