Work Study Program

Purpose and Program Design

Student employment plays an important role in the day-to-day functioning of MCC and participating community agencies/schools.  Many departments rely on their student employees to operate at full potential, and the students themselves depend on the income and experience derived from their work-study employment to help cover the cost of attendance.  Funds available through the federal government or other sources allows the development of on and off-campus part-time, paid positions for eligible students.  Student employment has a positive impact on the lives of students as it exposes them to real-life job interviews, resume building and submission, workplace etiquette, and allows them to expand their network.  Our student workers perform many tasks and responsibilities that are imperative to the well-functioning of our institution and community agencies/schools.   Studies show that participation in work-study programs has a positive impact on academic performance and goal attainment: “Employment within student affairs divisions offers environments in which students can apply the knowledge they have gained, as well as acquire new competencies, helping them to build solid foundations for their futures.”

– Athas, C., Oaks, D., Kennedy-Phillips, L. (2013). Student Employee Development in Student Affairs. Research and Practice in Assessment, 8(2), 55-68.

Student Eligibility, Expectations, and Learning Outcomes

To be eligible to participate in the work-study program, a student must:

  1. Apply for financial aid and demonstrate financial need for such employment, based on federal and institutional standards.
  2. Apply and be admitted at Manchester Community College.
  3. Complete and submit all required documentation to the Financial Aid Office.
  4. Be making satisfactory academic progress.
  5. Be matriculated in a financial-aid-eligible associate degree or dertificate program.
  6. Be enrolled at least half-time (six credits or more).
  7. Be a citizen or eligible non-citizen of the United States.
  8. Submit a Work-Study Application with an attached resume to the Financial Aid Office.

Students are expected to:

  1. Work up to 17 hours a week, around the needs of the hiring department.  Students are not required to have prior employment experience.
  2. Participate in at least one of the scheduled Career Services workshops, designed specifically for placed work-study students (i.e. Resume Development, Interviewing Skills, or Workplace Etiquette) or the Work-Study Information and Networking Session (offered in the fall).
  3. Provide comments for the Student Employee Evaluation – to be completed with the supervisor each semester.
  4. Use the online job posting system, College Central Network (CCN), and post/submit resume to review/apply for on-campus positions.
  5. Log into my MCC student email account regularly to check for announcements with available Work Study positions.
  6. Remain enrolled in at least six credits while participating in the work-study program to avoid penalties.
  7. Complete any background check requirements.
  8. Develop a formal, updated resume.
  9. Students under financial aid warning or probation/waiver will meet with Financial Aid staff to discuss important policies resources for successful completion of the program and academic goals.

Learning Outcomes – Upon successful completion of a semester in the work-study program, students will:

  1. Develop a sense of belonging to the college and campus community.
  2. Work with others, including culturally and intellectually diverse peoples.
  3. Think critically and develop problem-solving skills; and gain an appreciation for life-long learning.
  4. Demonstrate leadership and show initiative as a contributing member of a mission-driven organization.
  5. Develop the ability to multitask, follow instructions, and set goals.
  6. Exhibit exemplary written and spoken communication skills.
  7. Experience a formal job interview, and learn interview skills and resume preparation techniques.
  8. Develop networking skills and establish professional relationships within the campus community or community service agency/school.  These may serve as sources of recommendation for future employment.

Federal Work Study and Student Application Process

Federal Work Study (FWS) funds are awarded to Manchester Community College students as part of their financial aid package once eligibility is determined and a position has been offered to the student.  In order to participate in the program, a student must submit a completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and any and all verification requirements by the published deadlines, if they apply.  Eligibility for receiving work-study funds is based on financial need.  As a federal program, Federal Work Study is governed by a series of federal regulations.

Students must visit the Financial Aid Office to determine eligibility for work study and complete a Work Study Application.  Similar to the FAFSA, the Work Study Application must be renewed every academic year.  Work study is not the same as grants that are disbursed into the student’s account based on eligibility.  The student must work in order to get paid.  Due to funding limitations, work-study positions are NOT guaranteed for all eligible students.

Depending on the fund allocations received by the federal and state government, we may be able to offer other work-study funds.  If institutional funds are approved for work study, the program will follow the same guidelines as for the FWS program.

Work Study Checklist