Work-Study Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am eligible for Work-Study funds, and how do I apply?
Students must visit the Financial Aid Office to discuss eligibility for Work-Study. If you are eligible, you may request a Work-Study Application. Similar to the FAFSA, the Work-Study application must be renewed every academic year. Remember that Work-Study is not the same as grants which are fully disbursed into your account based on your eligibility; you must work in order to get paid. During fall and spring, you must be enrolled in at least six credits to be eligible. Important: Work-Study positions are not guaranteed for all eligible students.
How many hours can I work?
You can only work up to 17 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters. Students can only work until their Work-Study funds run out for a given semester. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to work with you in tracking your hours to avoid going over the awarded amount. The supervisor, however, will determine your final work schedule taking into consideration your availability and class schedule.
How do I get “placed” in a Work-Study position?
Be sure to log into your MCC student email account to check for announcements about available Work-Study positions. Manchester Community College uses the on-line job listing system powered by College Central Network (CCN) for on-campus departments to post their available Work-Study positions. The website for the on-line job board is: It is a free service. You simply have to register by creating an access ID, password, and profile for yourself. Once you are logged in, you can find positions by using the key word “Work-Study” as your search criteria. You will NOT automatically be “placed” into a Work-Study position. You will need to go through an application process, just like you would when searching for a non-Work-Study position. You will also have the opportunity, once logged into CCN, to upload your resume. Off-campus positions are NOT posted on this website. You may get more information on off-campus positions by visiting the Financial Aid Office as these are handled on an individual-basis. Note that a Work-Study placement is not guaranteed for every applicant.
What do I do if I don’t have a resume prepared?
If you do not have a resume or would like to improve the resume you have, you can take advantage of the Resume Builder feature on CCN. You can also attend a resume writing workshop here on-campus, offered by Career Services. Information regarding these workshops is generally posted on the MCC webpage in the Events section. You can make an individual appointment with a Career Services staff to review your resume.
Where do I submit my resume, and what happens next?
You may attach your resume to the Work-Study Application and submit it to the Financial Aid Office. If interested in on-campus positions, you should submit your updated resume and application for a position through CCN. Once you see a listing that appeals to you, you will be able to submit your resume electronically to supervisors.
When hired, what paperwork needs to be completed in order for me to start working?
The Payroll Office requires student workers to complete the student new hire forms. You may request these forms at SSC L125. Your supervisor will also be responsible for contacting the Financial Aid Office to request the documentation needed for placement. The Payroll Office will notify your supervisor when you are all set to start working, and your supervisor will inform you. Important: Do not start working if your supervisor has not received authorization.
How are time sheets submitted?
Time reporting is handled through the online system Core-CT. Instructions on how to set up the Core-CT account will be available through the Payroll office. Hours worked should be reported by the student through Core-CT on a weekly basis. Supervisors will approve the hours worked.